Project Future: Restructuring at the Daimler Group

Automatically Converting Scheduling Agreements using SPEEDI SD Scheduling Agreement Copier

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Using the SPEEDI SD Scheduling Agreement Copier, Daimler suppliers using SAP software can cancel and newly create existing SAP scheduling agreements largely automatically for this manufacturer if necessary due to the new group structure.

The SPEEDI SD Scheduling Agreement Copier, which extends the SAP Standard without modification, simplifies and accelerates the conversion of the scheduling agreements for Daimler in the SAP software. At the same time, it ensures high process reliability, as manual copying and inputs are reduced to a minimum.

The advantages of the SPEEDI SD Scheduling Agreement Copier are primarily benefiting the suppliers of Daimler’s Global Logistics Center (GLC) in Germersheim. As part of its restructuring (PROJECT FUTURE), Daimler is merging the previously separate Passenger Cars and Van as well as Trucks and Buses divisions into legally independent units: Mercedes-Benz AG and Daimler Truck AG.

As a result of this reorganization, which will take effect from November 2019, the GLC, for example, must change its systems and processes as well. There will be a separate plant number for each division in the future: besides plant 006, which includes only passenger car scopes, the new plant 057 for trucks. As a result, GLC suppliers must change their SAP scheduling agreements, which can be done very efficiently and transparently using the SPEEDI SD Scheduling Agreement Copier.

However, the SPEEDI solution also offers tangible benefits in other cases in which the cancellation and creation of scheduling agreements are related to the new corporate structure at Daimler. For example, if the financial accounting of a supplier requests the creation of a new customer, even though an address change would suffice.

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