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Demand & Capacity Management

Better meet delivery schedules and deadlines

You can only meet the needs of your customers to the extent that your capacities last. Bottlenecks in your facilities, premises or personnel mean that you can no longer deliver on time. Transparent demand and capacity management enables you to better meet delivery deadlines.

In a warehouse, packages and goods are stacked on pallets on blue shelves.

Problems with bottlenecks in processes

Whether in the company's own production, at suppliers or in the logistics area - every customer requirement needs corresponding capacities to be met. However, these are often limited by the available number of machines, tools, assembly equipment, personnel or even spatial conditions. If this is the case, bottlenecks can occur, with the result that you can no longer meet delivery deadlines.

SAP does offer availability checks, so-called available-to-promise or ATP checks for short.

In practice, however, you can only use them for individual orders that can be confirmed or rejected individually. In the case of delivery schedule lines, there are usually no order confirmations at all. And the call-off behavior is often too dynamic to be able to work meaningfully here with SAP's availability check. In addition, many of the bottlenecks cannot be mapped in an SAP check at all, or only in a very cumbersome way.

Map requirements and capacities transparently in SAP

This can be remedied by SAP enhancements that provide additional functionality to give you a transparent view of your current and historical requirements and capacities.

Using the WSW add-on for demand and capacity management, you can individually configure capacity groups to monitor the capacity of machines, for example. These are made available clearly in the requirements capacity monitor. You can thus monitor in real time whether requirements are covered. Information is also available in the follow-up so that you can look at longer periods.

Advantages of the WSW Demand and Capacity Monitor

The WSW demand and capacity monitor supports you in meeting your delivery deadlines.
This is how you benefit from the solution:

Massive time savings in the compilation of actual quantities compared to manual preparation of data

Short-term evaluations also over longer periods with the current SAP data

Short-term informative capability in the event of disruptions in the supply chain

Avoidance of errors during manual preparation

Standardized documentation and deposit of agreed purchase quantities or "bottlenecks" with the capacities

Different bottlenecks for the capacities can be evaluated in parallel

Tangible basis for negotiations with customers

No special customizing required: The demand capacity monitor can be used without restrictions immediately after configuration of the variants and bases of observation. This also applies to past periods, as long as the data has not yet been archived in SAP.

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