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The central platform for your JIS processes

LOJISTIX is the solution for optimized JIS processes and increases your efficiency, flexibility, and transparency. You thus benefit from our concentrated JIS consulting and process expertise.

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Mastering the supreme discipline of logistics

Regardless of whether you are an automotive supplier, logistics or sequencing service provider: Your business success depends very much on supplying customers with assemblies and parts on time and in sequence at all times. The Just-in-sequence processing (JIS), also referred to as the "supreme discipline" of logistics processes due to its complexity, however, presents an enormous challenge.

At WSW Software, we support you with the modern, powerful JIS and logistics platform LOJISTIX, which completely covers the logistical JIS process and thus becomes the central clock for your JIS processing.

When you benefit from LOJISTIX

JIS processes place special demands on companies. LOJISTIX is the central platform that enables you to master even complex challenges.

You want to save costs in your production and logistics with the help of digitization and automation.

Your goal is higher quality and a lower error rate in sequencing.

You want to be flexible and be able to map new processes without major project effort.

You do not want to use your ERP system for your JIS processes, you need a decentralized system for individual locations, or you want to set up an emergency system.

Your company is growing and with it come new locations or even new customers (with additional OEM processes).


With the help of LOJISTIX, you can meet your customers' requirements for your JIS processes without much effort.

  • Error-free communication: The central challenge in JIS processes is very accurate, clear and error-free communication with your customers. If correct data processing already fails at call-off receipt, you will no longer be able to meet the sequencing specifications.

  • Independence from the overall process: Many companies have special requirements for JIS systems: they must function stably, cannot be paused for long periods of time for maintenance or updates, and must also function independently of the central ERP system.

  • Risk mitigation: With JIS specifications, the responsibility for smooth processes is increasingly shifting towards suppliers. Faulty or late deliveries cause immense costs and can be avoided with end-to-end digitized processes.

  • Simplification through digitization and standardization: Individualization and increasing model diversity are causing growing complexity on the part of suppliers. Analog processes can no longer cope with this. Digital solutions that do not have to be constantly adapted through programming, but can be easily configured, ease the situation.

  • Growth despite price pressure: The automotive industry is known for supplier competition and enormous price pressure. Efficient and end-to-end digitized processes create an advantage over your competition.




Set up custom-fit processes quickly

Thanks to the flexibility of LOJISTIX, you can represent all JIS processes quickly, easily, and tailored to your requirements. Changed process requirements can be easily mapped by you thanks to customizing and configuration.


Fully digitize JIS requirements

From full EDI integration (inbound and outbound) to control of final assembly, planning and packing into various containers, labeling, and shipping processing based on production-synchronized call-offs: LOJISTIX is able to seamlessly map your entire JIS process.


More safety thanks to stability

LOJISTIX is a self-sufficient system that functions independently of your central ERP system. Your JIS processes thus run independently of the overall process. To ensure that you can operate the solution securely and stably, we offer you ITIL-compliant 24/7 support.


One for all with WSW Software

Use LOJISTIX worldwide with freely configurable languages. The system supports all OEMs and all message formats. For particularly continuous and seamless processes, use VALERIS for your production and VERTUDO for your internal logistics processes. With WSW Software you have a partner for all requirements.


Faster results with experienced partner

LOJISTIX is a standard solution that can be configured quickly and easily. You thus benefit from short project runtimes with a standardized and template-supported realization.

LOJISTIX functional areas

LOJISTIX supports you transparently in all processes and individual steps of your just-in-sequence processing:

Understanding data: Secure integration of retrieval data

Import of data via any communication channel

Incorporating and providing EDI files in OEM format

Supported formats: VDA, EDIFACT, ODETTE, XML, data file, JSON

Web service provisioning and web service call

Sequencing: control and implementation of the central processes

Provision pick lists

Connection Pick by Light

Connection Pick by Voice

ME system connection

Direct connection of Siemens S7 controls

Supplier management: You set the pace

MRP run

Demand management dependent requirements

Supplier Management

Testing: Protection against delivery defects

MRP run

Demand management dependent requirements

Supplier Management

Container formation: Form any type of container flexibly

Freely configurable container reservation

Three-dimensional filling rule

Any number of packaging stages

Packing aid determination

Truck loading planning

Smooth shipping: The package for the complete shipping process

Configurable delivery note structure

Automatic creation of shipping documents (shipping order, delivery bill, etc.)

Reporting of deliveries to the leading ERP system

Scanner-supported truck loading with sequence check

Automatically create outgoing EDI messages in OEM format

Add-on for Business Intelligence

BI Monitor for your JIS processes

Clear reports and dashboards

Independently configurable evaluations

LOJISTIX in your system landscape

LOJISTIX communicates with various IT systems and can be used in a particularly flexible manner. You have the following options:

  • Connection of all common Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP)
  • Interfaces for Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and warehouse management systems (LVS or WMS)
  • Connection of production plants via OPC-UA or direct connection of Siemens S7 controllers


Which systems, especially which ERP system you are using, is not relevant for the use of LOJISTIX. Many of our customers work with systems from SAP. For this we have the SAP Integration Package which is designed to communicate with SAP ERP. The big advantage: LOJISTIX is particularly flexible and adaptable to your needs through customizing, and you get stability with our support offering.  

This is how LOJISTIX communicates with your SAP system:

  • Automatic download of master data from SAP
    • Material master
    • Scheduling Agreements
    • Parts lists


  • Feedback from the JIS process
    • Backflush
    • Transport and deliveries
    • Material postings


LOJISTIX and other solutions from WSW Software

WSW Software is your experienced partner who understands JIS processes and IT systems both holistically and deeply. If you use several WSW solutions at the same time, we support you in competently automating your processes - from EDI to WMS. You work with one contractual partner, one contact person and one hotline.

In combination with WSW's own Manufacturing Execution System VALERIS, you get maximum transparency in your production. The MES for medium-sized series, warehouse, single-item or JIS manufacturers is aimed at companies that want to drive digitalization in their production while remaining flexible.

With the seamless link to WSW's own warehouse management system VERTUDO, LOJISTIX becomes your central clock for controlling internal logistics processes - from goods receipt to goods issue. And it does so consistently and effectively for all common warehouse types.

If you want to map JIS processes yourself, you need digital support. There are various solutions for this. The advantages and disadvantages of these alternatives cannot be generalized. Apply to any situation. It strongly depends on the functions of the specific software solution, on the requirements of the customers to be supplied, on the number of customers and also on the existing systems.

We compare the five most important solutions.

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Get ahead with LOJISTIX: A comparison of the functions

LOJISTIX or SAP solutions? If you are interested in which solution offers you which functions, you can compare the various options here:  

  • and the JIT successor of SAP "Next Generation JIT".
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View into the software

Our services around LOJISTIX

Depending on your requirements for the availability of business-critical JIS processes, LOJISTIX is implemented centrally or decentrally at local sites. Monitoring functions seamlessly monitor the installations; traffic lights immediately signal any error, for example in EDI processing, so that you can then drill down quickly and precisely to determine in which installation and in which process it occurred.

Regardless of whether you decide on a centralized or decentralized installation: We at WSW Software support you in implementing LOJISTIX with our concentrated JIS consulting and process expertise and a standardized project methodology that keeps runtimes short and costs low. Whether you need support around the clock (24/7) or maintenance of the installed solution thanks to Managed Services: Since you receive all services from a single source, you benefit from optimal support and derive maximum benefit from your investment in LOJISTIX.

LOJISTIX in the automotive industry

The LOJISTIX platform is particularly relevant for suppliers in the automotive industry. It supports a variety of message formats for data exchange - from VDA, EDIFACT, XML, ODETTE, data file to JSON - all also via Web EDI.

LOJISTIX meets the specific JIS process specifications of 90% of all major automotive manufacturers worldwide. These include, among others:

  • BMW
  • AUDI
  • VW
  • Porsche
  • Lamborghini
  • FIAT
  • Jaguar/Landrover
  • Renault
  • Daimler
  • Volvo

In 2021, Stellantis N.V. was also added: The automotive group resulting from the merger of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Group PSA (PSA) has now certified LOJISTIX for JIS retrievals via CORAIL web services in 2 projects.

An excerpt of our customers

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