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Customs Clearance

Process export declarations directly in SAP

For export-oriented companies, smooth international trade processes are relevant to competition. Make your processes even more efficient and transparent by managing customs clearance in the German ATLAS procedure and customs procedures of other countries automatically and directly in your SAP system.

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Smooth processes without system breakage

Anyone who has to deal with customs processing knows that ERP systems from SAP offer little support for this. The legally required documents for international goods movements and the electronic transmission of all data are very time-consuming manually, for example, if you have to declare your export to customs manually because your IT systems cannot handle it.   

These processes can be automated: With the help of SAP-based add-ons, they can even be handled directly in the SAP system, because most of the necessary data can be generated directly from the system and enriched based on rules. With such an add-on, you save on manual data determination and transfer and also have insight into the current status of your processes at all times.

Our process solutions

We are happy to support you in optimizing your customs processing - adapted to your individual requirements.

Automate export procedures
Instead of having to manually make each export declaration via the customs administration's Internet platform, our tools do it for you automatically. Conversely, you also receive all information from the customs authorities as well as required export and verification documents directly in your system and can track the current status of your export declarations at any time.
Export declaration directly in SAP
Integrated directly into your SAP solution, companies can process export and transit declarations automatically and efficiently in SAP ERP or S/4HANA. This means you save additional effort for manual data entry.
Consulting and process analysis
We also support you with IT-supported export processing by analyzing your processes, making individual adjustments and, if you wish, offering you consulting services even after commissioning.




Automated processing of your export declarations saves you valuable time and thus also costs. Since you work directly in your SAP system, you save the additional effort of operating a standalone solution.



With the help of our add-ons, you can handle the export declaration processes transparently: The current status can be tracked in your SAP system at any time.



We make sure that our solutions meet your individual requirements for processes and functions. You receive a solution that is optimally tailored to your needs.


We explain the most important terms in the context of customs clearance here:

Companies that want to export their goods must comply with customs regulations and requirements when exporting. Customs clearance deals with the import and export of goods and their customs treatment.

ATLAS is an abbreviation for the Automated Tariff and Local Customs Clearance System. This is an electronic service of the German customs administration that has replaced paper-based customs clearance.

An export declaration is a document that must be submitted to customs when exporting goods to a country outside the EU if a certain value of goods and a certain weight are exceeded. Electronic processing has been mandatory in Germany since 2009 via the ATLAS procedure. 

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