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Smart extension for efficient processes in SAP

Where SAP reaches its limits because industry or process requirements become too specific, add-ons help to work efficiently and transparently. Our WSW add-ons SPEEDI and JUNIQ offer a wide range of solution modules that can be integrated seamlessly into SAP and implemented quickly and easily.

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Mapping special processes and individual requirements in SAP with SPEEDI and JUNIQ

SPEEDI and JUNIQ are our tried-and-tested add-ons for special requirements in the SAP area. Depending on your process requirements and system landscape, you can use both add-ons in combination. You benefit from the modular structure of the solutions: You only license the functions and processes that you need.

SPEEDI and JUNIQ offer you standard functionalities outside the SAP standard. You benefit from solutions that are easy to configure. Instead of having to program every special process in your SAP system yourself, you can quickly integrate our solutions and configure them to suit your requirements. Regardless of whether you work with SAP ECC or S/4HANA.

Advantages of SPEEDI and JUNIQ

With our WSW add-ons, you benefit by.

...can fall back on established and proven solutions

...can expand standard processes quickly, flexibly and securely

...are proactively alerted to disruptions in the processes

...have full transparency of processes and process steps

...can react quickly to new customer requirements

...can choose the right solutions for your application from a large selection

...automate time-consuming checks and process steps

...can offer your customers more transparency and speed

...can quickly map process adaptations through simple configuration of the add-ons

SAP solutions SPEEDI and JUNIQ

Areas of application for OEM processes

Delivery call-off via EDI
We ensure smooth collaboration with OEMs by correctly and completely incorporating incoming delivery call-offs into your SAP systems via EDI messages
Processing in the SAP system via scheduling agreements
Fast and correct: with the help of SAP-based add-ons, you can automate scheduling agreement processing.
Compilation of deliveries
Put together suitable deliveries based on your delivery schedules: With our add-ons, this works flawlessly and automatically.
Label & Forms
Generate the required labels and shipping documents directly in your SAP system - exactly according to the specifications of your OEM customers.
Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN)
You can also send outgoing messages and electronic shipping notifications to OEMs securely and with the correct data via our WSW add-ons.
Invoicing and credit note processing
Our seamlessly integrated add-ons provide you with greater transparency and security in invoicing (including processing via credit notes).
Cover page to whitepaper: OEM delivery - Here you will encounter the biggest problems, illustrated on a tablet.

Whitepaper: OEM supply

Here you will encounter the biggest problems

What would be unthinkable in other industries is commonplace in the automotive industry: customers, i.e. automotive manufacturers (OEMs), place very precise and complicated demands on their suppliers in terms of how deliveries and all communication relating to deliveries should take place.
In this white paper, we explain the biggest problems and challenges that suppliers face in these processes.

Our services for WSW add-ons


Communicate quickly and smoothly with your customers and suppliers: You can do this via EDI. We offer efficient mapping of your EDI messages to ensure that the transferred data is transferred correctly and without errors to your SAP system. This allows you to ensure that outgoing and incoming messages contain the correct and correctly maintained data.

Maintenance and support

You depend on your processes running smoothly. We ensure this with our AMS and support services. We make sure that your tools are stable and available - so that you can get the most out of your processes. 

Consulting and development

With our process and industry expertise, we continuously ensure that you find exactly the solution that fits your challenge. If required, we develop customized SAP enhancements for your processes. 

An excerpt of our customers

Central solutions at a glance

SAP-based add-ons from WSW

When the standard is no longer sufficient

As a comprehensive standard software for business processes SAP is the market leader. Countless companies from a wide range of industries rely on ERP solutions and additional systems and modules from the software expert from the Walldorf-based software expert. However, even the comprehensive functions and processes of SAP solutions cannot cover all requirements.

For decades, WSW Software has set itself the goal of closing the gaps in SAP systems. This began in the automotive industry. Suppliers are confronted with demanding delivery specifications from car manufacturers. However, data exchange via EDI messages in particular is not provided for in SAP systems in the way that suppliers have to implement it.
With SPEEDI and JUNIQ, WSW Software has developed standard solutions that can cover all the requirements of automotive manufacturers (also known as OEMs in the industry). Whether it is additional data, outgoing ASN or EDI conversion: Suppliers cover all gaps in SAP systems with WSW add-ons. The add-ons now also offer far-reaching functions that go beyond specific OEM requirements. SPEEDI and JUNIQ provide support with delivery schedules, sales prices or analysis requirements.
With SPEEDI, JUNIQ, YODA and AVENIO, WSW Software now offers four SAP-based add-ons that each meet specialized requirements. Whether as an add-on for delivery compilations, for key figure reporting or for customs and foreign trade: SAP-based add-ons from WSW Software offer users enhanced functions and standardized processes that extend the SAP standard in a release-compatible and stable manner.
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