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Tolerance Line Check

Compare incoming delivery schedules or JIT delivery schedules with preceding delivery schedules

When checking delivery schedules or JIT delivery schedules, speed is of the essence: If there are deviations from agreed quantities, you must be able to react immediately. With SAP-based add-ons, you can save a lot of time at this point in order to flexibly intercept violations of the defined deviations at an early stage.

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Detect violation of tolerance limits in SAP

If a customer calls off less or more than the agreed delivery quantity in delivery call-offs, this has a negative impact on the supplier's supply chain processes, causing additional costs and its Delivery Reliability&nbspvaluation can deteriorate. Therefore, there are usually agreed limits within which the quantity called off may be.

It is essential that the supplier immediately recognizes the violation of defined tolerance limits and can take immediate action. The tolerance profiles in the SAP standard offer only insufficient possibilities for this.

Check tolerance lines directly in SAP

The solution  SPEEDI Tolerance Line Check provides a remedy here. It automatically compares the data of incoming delivery schedules or JIT delivery schedules with that of previous delivery schedules as soon as they are entered into the SAP software. A SPEEDIThe results are clearly visualized in the Call-Off Monitor, and traffic light functions immediately signal to the responsible processor whether a call-off quantity falls short of or exceeds the defined limits. The necessary measures can thus be initiated immediately, for example a processing stop of the call-off or the transmission of the deviation to the processor or customer by e-mail. A violation of tolerance limits can also be accepted under certain circumstances, for example after coordination with purchasing and production control. The reason is stored as a note and can thus be traced at any time.

In the SPEEDI-solution, it is easy to configure which tolerance violation results in which action and at which organizational level a check is carried out. In this case, these are sales organization, distribution channel, division, sold-to party, customer plant, unloading point and scheduling agreement.

At SPEEDI Time / quantity funnel (ZMT) can be defined to check call-offs for tolerance violations either for a specific period (week, month) or on a daily basis, either using the cumulative quantities or the absolute quantity. Deviations can also be displayed either as a percentage or as a quantity.

The solution  SPEEDI Tolerance Line Check also offers suppliers the option of notifying customers directly of tolerance violations. This process is made easier thanks to a special SPEEDI-routine is extremely simple. Selection criteria can be used to determine which information a customer receives. The relevant documents are generated automatically and then transmitted by e-mail in the desired output format (PDF or Excel). The necessary e-mail cover letter can also be created quickly and with little effort using the predefined text modules stored in the solution.



Fast responsiveness

The monitor informs you quickly about deviations and you can thus react immediately. Your customers also benefit from this when you are directly informed about a violation of the tolerance line.


More transparency

You can store notes that make your decisions traceable even in retrospect.


Individually configurable

You can individually define time periods and deviations of your tolerance limits and decide to what extent your customers are automatically informed about deviations.

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