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Create and manage labels directly in SAP

Suppliers in the automotive industry must provide deliveries of goods with labels, the so-called goods tags, which are designed and labeled according to the customer's requirements. If these so-called goods tags or labels do not comply exactly with the specifications, there is a risk of penalties that can add up to considerable costs.

A label with barcode and numbers is printed from a printer in the office.

Efficient generation of labels and tags in SAP

Due to individual supply procedures, each automotive manufacturer (OEM) sets different standards with regard to the size, layout, barcodes and text content of their goods tags. Even different plants of the same manufacturer may have very different requirements in terms of the information their labels and forms must contain.

As part of a JIS or forecast delivery schedule, OEMs often transmit additional data that should also appear on the goods tags, for example in connection with the Release Authorization Number (RAN). In addition, transport labels that are applied to a package must often be provided with a License Plate Number including a 2D Data Matrix Code, which enables unique identification.

Since the standard functions of SAP ERP and also SAP S/4HANA do not, or only inadequately, map such demanding requirements for the labeling and printing of tags, suppliers often use their own programming or third-party software. This is cumbersome and detrimental to efficiency, as the certification of labels and forms by the OEM is already associated with a high level of effort.

Our process solutions

Our SAP extensions support you in implementing the requirements for your labels and labels directly in SAP.

SPEEDI Label Engine
Our special OEM solutions, which are available in SPEEDI and seamlessly integrated into SAP ERP, provide "out of the box" individual OEM processes including the required labels and goods tags of the corresponding print programs. The individual goods tags are available as standard in the proven SPEEDI Labelengine deposited.
JUNIQ Print Engine
The JUNIQ Print Engine simplifies the creation of labels (and also other forms) for OEM processes in SAP S/4HANA. The core component of the JUNIQ Print Engine is a catalog of prefabricated labels from most automotive manufacturers (OEM) with all relevant information that can be used plug-and-play.



Always up to date

As a member of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) WSW Software has a large share in the development and design of labels and passes on the findings from this to customers - an additional added value and a further advantage over the competition.


Directly in SAP

Labeling and printing of goods tags can be handled consistently in SAP ERP or S/4HANA. The labels can be used immediately and do not have to be created and managed individually in SAP ERP, which saves time and money.


Efficiency and transparency

The SPEEDI Label Engine and the JUNIQ Print Engine ensure high performance and great transparency when assigning labels to the respective recipient of the goods.

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