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Intelligent supplement for your internal logistics processes

Those who use WSW solutions like LOJISTIX or VALERIS and are looking for a simple and clear support for their logistics will find the solution in our warehouse management solution VERTUDO. 

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VERTUDO - Warehouse Management by WSW Software

VERTUDO is the logistics add-on from WSW Software for VALERIS and LOJISTIX. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) supports your logistics processes in production and covers the following processes:

  • Material handling: Creation of handling units (HU) and repacking of HUs
  • Production supply
  • Goods receipt
  • Packing

The WMS can be used as an integrated solution with LOJISTIX or VALERIS and is based on the VALERIS framework. 

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VERTUDO brings a high level of transparency to your warehouse stocks and simplifies material supply in your production. The WMS also supports special process requirements such as milkrun/.eKanban or forklift call. 

When you benefit from VERTUDO:

Many companies often handle logistics processes via their ERP system. But this has its limits: When the ERP system no longer offers enough transparency and daily analog warehouse and process management becomes too time-consuming, it's time to think about a WMS.

This offers the following advantages:

Improved traceability and transparency
The faster and more accurately you are informed about your goods movements and inventories, the better and more reliably you can fulfill customer orders. An ERP does offer important basic functions. However, above a certain company and thus warehouse size, this is usually no longer sufficient.

How long does it take for your production to receive the required material if your production employee first has to inform your logistics employee by phone? A WMS ensures the automated flow of goods and materials in your company - quickly and efficiently.

Additional functionality
Every process step that requires your employees to stick a piece of paper on a package or send someone to the warehouse with a printed list represents a function that a WMS can offer you. For example, ERPs often don't take into account one basic logistical variable: Handling Units. For most companies, however, this is critical to a smooth flow of materials.

Connection of technologies such as scanners
Whenever you are thinking about improving your logistics processes through automation - be it through automated shelf storage or digitally supported picking processes - there is hardly any way around a dedicated system for warehouse management.



One for all

Instead of relying on different vendors for your IT solutions, you source your systems such as your JIS, production and logistics solution from only one vendor and thus benefit from reduced costs and consistent support for all systems.


Intuitive employee management

In VERTUDO, clear user interfaces guide you through the process, which can also be operated without lengthy training. This makes it quick and easy to ensure that the correct quantities of material are picked, stored and transported.


Smart and lightweight

If the current WMS solutions are too complex and powerful for your requirements, VERTUDO is the right solution for you: Because VERTUDO does not make your logistics processes more complicated, but more efficient and transparent - without a lot of setup effort. Benefit additionally from the extension BI Monitor and use quick and easy configurable dashboards for your metrics.

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