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Our social engagement

We are happy to help.

Despite all the technical demands - without a well-functioning social interaction, our work would only be half as much fun. The human factor is always at the center of our actions, both within WSW and outside. It is therefore natural for us to make a small contribution and support social commitment. Help that we are happy to provide and continuously expand.

Several employees hold their hands over each other in a circle to increase team spirit.
Logo of the children's charity Die Arche

We help children

For several years now, we have been doing without customer gifts at Christmas and instead donating money to the Arche in the Munich district of Moosach. In 2020, we were also able to help with laptops that we no longer had any use for but were urgently needed for homeschooling.

Logo of the senior aid LichtBlick

We help seniors

In 2020, we supported the senior citizens' association Lichtblick e.V. for the first time by purchasing cookbooks as customer gifts, and shortly thereafter took on three sponsorships with which we provide three needy senior citizens with a little more quality of life each month.

Logo of the Münchener Tafel e.V.

We help regionally

The Münchner Tafel e. V. has launched the "Project Host": For a fixed amount, you can provide food for one person for a year. We think this is a good idea and became "hosts" for 15 people at the beginning of 2021 - more will follow this year.

Gautinger Sport Club Logo

We help locally

Gautinger SC has a strong presence in and around our Gauting site. Since the club is also socially committed, we are happy to support it twice over: on the one hand with classic sponsoring, but also by collecting donations for the local social foundation with the jointly organized "We miss you" running challenge.

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