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Business Analytics Consulting

Get more out of your data with our support.

With the help of Business Analytics, you make decisions based on data. This enables you to increase your efficiency and optimize your processes. We support you with our comprehensive consulting know-how and our quickly deployable key performance indicator packages.

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Decide quickly and soundly, act flexibly

What does the current order backlog look like according to group structure or goods issue date? Do delivery call-offs seriously violate the tolerance limits, or are they creeping down? How high is productivity in manufacturing? What is the quantity and deadline reliability of suppliers?

With highly efficient Business Analytics (BA), you can answer these and many other questions quickly and comprehensively. This provides you with the necessary overview of the current business situation, enabling you to make informed decisions quickly and manage your company flexibly and intelligently.

Business Analytics vs. Business Intelligence

There is often some confusion about what the exact difference is between Business Analytics and Business Intelligence. That's why we explain it here in a nutshell:

Business Intelligence (BI) describes strategies, procedures and processes for investigating past-oriented data. For example, BI answers the questions: What happened? When did it happen and to what extent?

Business Analytics (BA) is the more "modern" approach that draws benefit from the data collected with BI. The goal is data-based decision making. For example, business analytics answers the questions: Why did something happen? Will it happen again? What happens if we change something?

Business analytics: What is important?

The fundamental prerequisite for effective business analytics is the following

  • a standardized and automated operational and strategic Reporting
  • in large Depth of detail and
  • on the basis of uniform Key performance indicators (Key Performance Indicators, KPIs for short).

It is equally important that key figure reports within a few seconds available and queries and analyses even on very large amounts of data - Keyword Big Data - be created quickly, preferably almost in real time

We at WSW Software are happy to support you in your Business Analytics project with our comprehensive know-how and competent consulting. With the help of our ready-made KPI packages, we enable you to get started quickly in the BA world.

Why is business analytics so important?

Without transparency, your company cannot operate economically in the long term. What can happen if you know too little about your company's processes and performance?

These are the consequences of a lack of transparency:

Loss of customers

If you don't evaluate your delivery reliability, you won't know quickly enough when something goes wrong. Your customers, on the other hand, are the very first to know when they are not supplied on time or with the wrong quantity. The danger is great that such customers will soon change suppliers. If you only find out about poor delivery reliability then, it's already too late.

Drops in capacity utilization

Many companies only take action when they are no longer working to capacity, regardless of whether this is in production or shipping. They try to compensate for the drop in capacity utilization with the help of advertising or sales activities. However, you then have to bear the running costs without generating sufficient sales in the meantime. Only with a clear idea of your order backlog can you prevent such slumps and take countermeasures at an early stage.

Dissatisfied employees

If your company repeatedly fails to optimize processes and generate output as efficiently as possible, this will demotivate your employees. This is even more true if bonuses, premiums or salary increases are linked to target achievement. Without end-to-end transparency, however, you can't take targeted action because you're unlikely to be able to assess where improvement potential lies dormant. If your employees repeatedly fail to achieve their goals, this not only leads to dissatisfaction, but also to high staff turnover. 

The biggest problems with business analytics

Most companies face major challenges when it comes to BA: Today, they cannot answer questions about order backlog, productivity or delivery reliability, or can only do so with tedious research. It often fails because of similar challenges.

Do you know the following problems?

Problems with data collection

You neither collect data in real-time nor can you access history data? Do you have problems with inconsistent data or do not have the authorization to access all data?

Problems with the evaluation of the data

Do you have to resort to cumbersome solutions such as reporting with Excel for your evaluations? Do you need a lot of time for data analysis instead of working with clear and quickly accessible graphical dashboards?

Lack of strategy

Your company does not follow a consistent strategy or do you have difficulties defining meaningful KPIs that fit your strategy? Business Analytics is not a high priority and you therefore not only lack the necessary budget to implement your requirements, but you may also not have the required support in the company and especially in your IT department?

This is why companies fail at business analytics projects!

If you want to tackle all the challenges, this becomes a comprehensive project: From the strategic definition of goals in collaboration with management to the technical set-up to meet the system requirements, you have to expect a great deal of time and expense. Patience and stamina are also required: months, if not years, pass in such projects before you have created transparency and can produce helpful analyses. It can be difficult to carry out such a long-term project that produces results late in the process, or even to get it approved and budgeted in the first place.

Our consulting services support you in this challenge.

Your advantages of our business analytics consulting


Faster successes

Use our expertise for your projects: With our know-how in processes and technologies, you will reach your goals faster and can benefit from more transparency in your company at an early stage.


More knowledge

We turn your data into real information: So you not only know what is happening, but can also evaluate the situation and get recommendations for action.


Information in real time

We can support you in mapping even complex key figures and also evaluate data from different systems in real time. This provides you with meaningful reporting that goes far beyond the SAP standard.


React faster and act flexibly

With our support, you can recognize changes in the operational business at an early stage and react without losing time.

How you benefit from our advice:

Your Controlling: The advantages for controlling are particularly serious: you can create evaluations faster, more flexibly and more efficiently. You are no longer dependent on determining and compiling data from different systems, but can create the evaluations and reports that are crucial for your company at the push of a button with our support.

Your IT department: The specialists in your IT department get a partner at eye level. You can use your resources and capacity wisely and are not tied up in time-consuming projects. We take care of that for you! At the same time, it is important to us that our solution fits your system architecture.

Your management: If you can create analyses, but they can only be used by controlling experts, the evaluation will not support you in achieving your business goals. With our support, use clear dashboards and smart reporting so that management can quickly get the information they need.

Your purchasing and sales: Transparency is particularly important for colleagues in these departments: If there are peaks in capacity utilization or drops in orders, they have to react quickly and take countermeasures or also take measures to contain hazards. Clear evaluations of the actual situation support them in this.

Your employees: Target achievement is not only crucial for the economic success of your company: Your employees are all the more proud and motivated when their performance leads to success. If you are able to communicate these figures transparently to your employees, they will more easily recognize the part they play in the company's success.

How we support you in your business analytics projects

In the SAP environment, we support you with all our experience and expertise and are happy to advise you: With our consulting, process and technology know-how, we ensure that all relevant aspects are taken into account. In addition to organizational structures, processes and responsibilities, these include data models, data extraction and retraction, performance and content. In this way, we make changes in your operational business visible at an early stage so that you can react without losing time. In today's dynamic business world, where you have to adapt flexibly to constantly changing customer and market requirements, this is a competitive factor that should not be underestimated.

We also support you with our Business Analytics Suite YODA, which consists of ready-to-use modular and flexible KPI packages for sales, production and purchasing. Since our KPI packages are SAP-based add-ons, they can be seamlessly integrated into your SAP system landscape, regardless of whether you work with SAP ERP or with the SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management application suite. SAP Business Warehouse (BW) is not a prerequisite.

Business Analytics Technologies - Our Solutions Portfolio

Backend solutions

  • SAP Business Warehouse (BW on any DB, BW powered by SAP HANA, BW/4HANA)

Front-end tools

  • SAP Business Objects (Lumira Designer, Analysis for Microsoft Office)
  • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Microsoft PowerBI
  • SAP Business Warehouse Standard Reporting (SAP BEx Analyzer)
  • other providers (with connectors to SAP)

Step by step to BA success: Our consulting services at a glance:

1. consultation - and planning workshops

  • Workshops to analyze the current situation and individual requirements
  • Review of the existing system landscape
  • Definition of data models, the data warehouse and interfaces
  • Presentation of best practice approaches
  • Target definition of report forms and visualizations
  • Definition of a roadmap
  • Project planning for the implementation of business analytics solutions

2. implementation of your business analytics project

  • Installation and configuration of business analytics solutions and all interfaces
  • Setup of the data model and the data warehouse
  • Creation of reports, evaluations and visualizations
  • Project management according to established methods (documentations, updates, budget compliance)
  • Employee training

3. support, maintenance and operation

  • Regular reconciliations on implemented solutions (if desired) and possible extension of functionalities and analyses
  • Support in case of problems or errors
  • Information about upcoming updates and new functions

KPI packages: Quick entry into Business Analytics

As SAP-based add-ons, the KPI packages can be used in the SAP ERP world as well as under SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management and in conjunction with an existing SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW), although this is not mandatory. However, they can also be used together with the modern technologies of the SAP Analytics Cloud, Microsoft Power BI or the SAP Business Objects Suite for analysis and data visualization. 

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