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Management of Sales Prices

Easy maintenance and evaluation directly in SAP

SAP systems offer only limited options for adjusting or evaluating your sales prices - especially when large data sets are involved. However, with the help of SAP enhancements, you can save yourself the manual maintenance effort.

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Around the topic of sales prices save time

Your sales prices are central to your entire company: Whether it's sales, management or scheduling - everyone relies on prices being mapped cleanly and, above all, promptly in your system at all times. But there are some challenges in managing this data: Complex price compositions, new and comprehensive price list updates, price agreements or subsequent changes make maintaining your price data complicated.

If you want to change, adjust, and evaluate sales prices en masse or run a "what if" simulation, even IT systems often reach their limits. If you work with SAP systems, you have to manually intervene in many processes and, in the worst case, manually transfer hundreds or thousands of prices into the system. Time and again, there is a lot of time pressure because you can only invoice with current and maintained sales prices. And this does not yet answer the question of what effects price changes have on your planned sales.

Are you facing the following challenges?

You are not able to map complex price compositions or it is too time-consuming to consider several factors in the price composition at the same time?

Do you receive price contract data from your customers, but cannot transfer it automatically into your system; instead, you have to enter all the data manually?

Retroactive price changes cannot be automatically transferred to documents, so you have to manually check and adjust invoices?

Do you want to easily and quickly see a price trend of one or more sales prices and simulate price conditions via a "What If" simulation?

Our process solutions

With the help of our SAP-based add-ons, you can save yourself time-consuming manual entries, avoid input errors and their far-reaching effects. Your system can then change, adjust or evaluate your sales prices in bulk.

SPEEDI Price Update

If you want to import sales prices, price conditions, intercompany prices from an Excel, .CSV or .XML file into your SAP system, the SPEEDI Price Update in the simplified transfer, creation, and generation of such data records and even searches out your matching SAP material number for each of your customers' material numbers. Distribution to several customers at the same time or to different key combinations is also possible.

SPEEDI Recalculation of sales prices

After a price update, you must adjust the pricing date and prices in your sales documents and perform pricing so that the new sales price is in the condition and can be transferred to the billing document. With larger price data sets, this means a lot of manual work, and errors can happen. The SAP-based add-on SPEEDI Recalculation of sales prices automates the recalculation in your sales documents for you.

SPEEDI Price handling board

Sales prices are increasingly made up of a base price, numerous surcharges and discounts, and other price components. With the SPEEDI Price handling board, price components can be visualized, edited, adjusted, evaluated and simulated in one report, independent of condition type and key combination.

SPEEDI Recalculation

If new price agreements with customers are valid on a retroactive key date, billing documents must be corrected retrospectively. With SPEEDI Recalculation you save this manual effort and you can make corrections in a simplified and automated way.

SPEEDI Sales/Revenue Preview

In the SAP standard, evaluations of expected sales and sales quantities are not available or can only be obtained with great effort. The SPEEDI Sales/Revenue Preview offers a quick and comprehensive evaluation of the current data, which can also be customized to your individual needs.




Every action that is eliminated by automated price management saves time. This is a valuable gain in invoicing.



Make sure that your sales prices are always up-to-date and maintained. And use this data for your sales preview as well.


Error minimization

Manually maintaining and editing sales prices can be tedious and lead to errors. Reduce this risk by managing your prices directly in SAP.



The investment in SAP-based add-ons pays for itself in a very short time. Thanks to low implementation effort, you can quickly use all extensions.

Webinar: Manage sales prices better in SAP - We show you how!

Managing sales prices in SAP is cumbersome, time-consuming and error-prone. In this webinar we will show you how it works faster and easier!

Especially when it comes to price updates, price updating in documents, and price handling, SAP has glaring gaps that you normally have to fill in a cumbersome manner with numerous manual operations. This can have drastic consequences for you and your company: If you take too much time to make changes to your sales prices, you will work with incorrect prices in the meantime or not invoice at all.

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