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Analysis of Release Performance in SAP

Analysis and visualization of deviations and fluctuations

Fluctuations in demand between delivery schedules should be neither strong nor creeping, because both represent a problem for the supplier - especially if the deviations are not detected early. A clear analysis creates transparency here - but is not offered in the SAP standard.

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Analysis of release performance behavior - from the supplier and customer perspective

In practice, it often happens that a customer exceeds or falls short of the limits when calling off delivery quantities. A clear view of the call-off development is therefore of central importance, as this helps to avoid disruptions in the supply chain processes and thus additional costs, and to improve the own Delivery Reliability&nbsp to be better assessed.

If significant violations of the tolerance limits for specified delivery schedule quantities - in terms of quantity and value or percentage - are identified immediately, the Production planning can be adjusted promptly and inventory can be planned at an early stage. This calms the processes along the value chain. The standard SAP functions offer only insufficient possibilities for this, regardless of whether one wants to examine one's own call-off behavior or that of the customers.

The SAP modules Materials Management (MM) and Sales & Distribution (SD) offer functions that support users in managing their own flows of goods and materials. But they do not offer any analyses that examine their own call-off behavior or the call-off behavior of customers to make deviations and changes visible.

WSW Software has developed extensions for the two modules MM and SD. Directly integrable into SAP, the SPEEDI&nbspAdd-ons accurate information about the call development.


The result of the analysis is clearly visualized graphically on a monitor, optionally in 2D or 3D as a line or bar chart. Traffic light functions immediately signal whether the defined tolerance limits for the specified delivery schedule quantities are violated (red traffic light) or not (green traffic light). Scheduling agreements that violate tolerance limits are combined in an overview list, where the processor can examine each individual scheduling agreement in the desired level of detail.

At the same time, an aggregated view makes it possible to understand whether call-offs are possibly changing "creepingly", and thus not necessarily exceeding the tolerance limits, but building up or cancelling each other out according to the bull-whip effect.

In the SPEEDI-solution, custom time and quantity funnels (ZMT) can be configured and centrally maintained for the analysis of tolerance deviations. For example, it is possible to define whether an evaluation is carried out at daily, weekly or monthly level and whether the permissible deviation is specified in terms of value, for example in euros, quantity or as a percentage. The call-off behavior at customer or material level can be displayed only for selected scheduling agreements, if required.

The evaluations also allow conclusions to be drawn about call-off behavior in the future, which enables even better and more precise planning.

Our process solutions

SPEEDI Analysis of Release Performance MM
Whether there are deviations and fluctuations in the own release performance is evaluated by the SPEEDI solution Analysis of Release Performance MM. It analyzes the release performance with regard to customers or material on a daily, weekly, or monthly level across all scheduling agreements and thus makes it completely transparent. The results are clearly visualized on a monitor.
SPEEDI Analysis of Release Performance SD
The SPEEDIThe solution "Analysis of Call-off Behavior SD" extends the SAP module SD and makes the development of the customers' call-off behavior completely transparent. With this SPEEDI-solution, delivery schedules (forecast, JIT, and planning delivery schedules) can be analyzed flexibly across delivery schedules, i.e. aggregated, or for selected delivery schedules - in relation to customers or products or product groups as well as on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
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