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The modern web-based MES for maximum transparency on the shopfloor

Competitive manufacturing requires digital support. With VALERIS, you have a Manufacturing Execution System that meets your requirements for transparency on the store floor.

Two employees discuss on the computer on the store floor.

Seamless traceability, free configuration and intuitive operation

With VALERIS, we have developed a modern, web-based Manufacturing Execution System (MES) which takes all the above aspects into account. It ensures maximum transparency in the Shopfloor and supports process optimization to a high degree.

VALERIS is freely configurable and extremely intuitive to use. All this relieves the IT department and saves valuable IT resources.

How you can benefit from VALERIS

VALERIS is an industry-independent MES for medium-sized series, warehouse, individual or JIS manufacturers and is aimed at companies that want to enhance digitization in their production while remaining flexible.

You want to optimize your production processes

You want to exploit the potential of digitization and Industry 4.0

You need traceability of your products

You need more transparency about your processes

At the same time, you do not have the necessary IT resources

You must remain competitive



Configure instead of program

Thanks to the no-code/low-code modeling approach, logical relationships and dependencies of processes are mapped in VALERIS via a graphical editor to predefined actions (e.g. read/write/scan actions, and many more). Business users as well as process engineers can configure process and production parameters themselves easily and quickly without additional IT know-how. This relieves the internal IT department and is easy on the IT budget, because the costs for external IT consultants are also eliminated.


Seamless product and process tracing (traceability)

VALERIS maps all production lines and workstations as a digital twin and reflects the processes on the store floor and the production logic one-to-one. VALERIS ensures seamless Traceability of the manufactured products and the processes.


Intuitive operation through UX (user experience) design

VALERIS has a state-of-the-art user interface in UX design. Users are guided intuitively, efficiently and safely through all process, configuration and administration steps. This also enables a quick familiarization of the employees with the system.


Maximum process reliability and product quality

VALERIS enables the target/actual comparison of process parameters in real time, as well as the digital execution and confirmation of inspection instructions. Defective products can thus be identified and rejected directly on the line. In addition, process interlocking functions automatically intervene in the event of irregularities and, if necessary, lock the production of the product.

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Interactive demo

Take a look at VALERIS and let us explain the highlights step by step

View into the software

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VALERIS - The modern MES for your production

VALERIS is a modern Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that keeps you competitive: You benefit from maximum transparency on the store floor and high process reliability. Thanks to the no-code/low-code approach, VALERIS is particularly easy to configure and intuitive to use.

More product features

VALERIS acts as a link between field, control and enterprise level. Using interfaces such as OPC-UA, Modbus, MQTT, Rest, EUROMAP 63 or 77, Industry 4.0 and IIoT scenarios can be realized quickly and easily.

With VALERIS, individual dashboards or reports can be created quickly and easily. This way, every employee/decision maker can be provided with exactly the information he needs for his tasks.

In order to achieve the highest possible system flexibility and scalability, VALERIS was deliberately designed as a web-based application. Working is possible via any hardware. A standard notebook, PC or industrial PC, for example, is completely sufficient. Only a browser and internet access are required. This saves costs in the long term (e.g. for acquisition, maintenance, servicing, repairs).

VALERIS can be deployed as a private cloud, public cloud, hybrid or on-premise solution. The modern system architecture enables free scalability and flexibility. No matter which IT strategy is adopted today or tomorrow, VALERIS adapts.

During the development and implementation of your future MES concept and the implementation of VALERIS, we at WSW Software support you with concentrated consulting and process know-how. We guarantee the smooth operation of VALERIS with ITIL-compliant support from Germany, if required also around the clock (24/7), and with flexibly scalable service level agreements. Since all services come from a single source, you receive the best possible support and derive maximum benefit from VALERIS.


Is VALERIS also suitable for my production?

VALERIS is an industry-independent MES for medium-sized series, warehouse, individual or JIS manufacturers and is aimed at companies that want to drive digitization in their production while remaining flexible.

  • We have high requirements for complete product traceability.
  • We produce in changing production processes.
  • We have limited IT resources and budgets.
  • We are looking for an expandable system that grows with production.
  • We want a cost-effective solution that is quickly implemented.

Do any of the statements apply to your production? Then you should contact us!

VALERIS functional areas

According to the VDI guideline 5600, which describes the tasks of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), VALERIS covers the following functional areas:

Material (Traceability/WIP)

Operating equipment/resource (MDE/tool)

Order (BDE)

Information (performance/key figures)

Additionally we offer:

Master planning (control and planning functions for the master)

Worker qualification


An excerpt of our customers

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Frequently asked questions about Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) directly supports the user in monitoring, controlling and documenting production processes. In addition, it acts as a link to provide suitably prepared production data from the shopfloor to the enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) in real time or in real time.

The core functions of an MES include components for machine data acquisition (MDE) and production data acquisition (PDA) as well as the ability to seamlessly trace and document the manufacture of the product (material/traceability).

In addition, an MES offers the possibility to support quality-assuring processes in the creation process. From the control of workers via guided data entry dialogs to the documentation of skills and instructions for or on specific machines/equipment/workplaces.

A suitable reporting module enables the user to visualize key production figures - adapted to his needs - and thus to make his production transparent.

The basis, however, is the digital connection of workstations, consisting of machine coupling and worker dialogs. Information from the production process flows into the MES via these. A very up-to-date view of plants, products or production areas is thus possible.

The advantages of an MES lie in improved plant and machine productivity. This can be accompanied by a reduction in throughput times in production.

In addition, product quality is increased and adherence to delivery dates and customer satisfaction are improved.

Transparency increases and the reaction speed to changing conditions due to shutdowns/failures is increased.

MES is also a component of the documentation of the manufacturing process including the involved resources (human, machine, material, method) in the context of product liability.

VALERIS is a modern, lean, robust software solution designed by usability experts with a focus on the user.

Whether machine operator, production engineer or plant manager, every user is optimally supported by the front end. The digital mapping of processes, the creation of interactive dashboards and customer-oriented reports can be carried out independently by the user.

Of course, the core requirements of an MES according to VDI 5600 such as management of order (BDE), equipment (MDE, tool), material (traceability, WIP storage) and machine coupling are fulfilled. Process interlocking, complete traceability and transparency of the production process are also guaranteed.

A generalization is not possible, but existing machine connections can almost always be reused. If the IT hardware used for the reporting terminals is approximately state of the art, it can often be reused.

At the application and database level, a switch should be made to modern systems. Cloud systems (internal and external) are secure and reduce IT costs sustainably.

The transfer of data for the documentation of processes can take place, but is associated with effort. A case-by-case consideration taking into account data backup concepts of the existing system is required.

The key lies in the "intelligent factory" (Smart Factory), which operates according to the principles of Industry 4.0 and in which all systems, processes as well as data are networked end-to-end and control themselves.

The central building block for this smart factory is the use of a modern MES that maps all production lines and workstations and communicates bidirectionally with the manufacturing systems via OPC-UA and other interfaces.

This makes it possible to network data and processes horizontally on the shopfloor and make production completely transparent. This is an important prerequisite for further process optimization, seamless tracking and tracing, and Industry 4.0 scenarios. If the ME solution can be connected via interfaces to an existing ERP system or a JIS and logistics platform, this is another big step towards data migration.

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