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Scheduling Agreements Copier

Simpler processing in SAP

There are various reasons for having to copy scheduling agreements in SAP, for example when production is relocated to another plant. However, users always have to intervene manually, copy scheduling agreements and create them again, because the SAP standard offers no support for this. If you want to avoid this error-prone and time-consuming process, you can automate it with SAP enhancements.

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Copy scheduling agreements automatically and create them conveniently

You work with scheduling agreements in both the SAP Supply & Distribution (SD) and Materials Management (MM) modules. In both cases, adjustments are costly:

In SAP MM new scheduling agreements are created when a large number of components are to be delivered to a new customer, production is relocated, or the document flow is so large that it affects performance. In the SAP standard, the creation of new scheduling agreements must be done manually, which is time-consuming and carries the risk of incorrect entries.

Also in SAP SD certain circumstances make it necessary to cancel and recreate a scheduling agreement: when document flow affects performance, when material production is moved from one plant to another, when data in the existing scheduling agreement cannot be changed to avoid problems at the turn of the year, or after an organizational restructuring at a customer.

In both cases, however, the standard SAP functions mean that the associated tasks have to be handled largely manually. This is time-consuming and error-prone. To make these tasks easier for you, our experts have developed extensions for SAP that help you copy scheduling agreements more easily. 




The SPEEDI solutions ensure enormous time savings when creating scheduling agreements. At the same time, the new and lean scheduling agreements improve performance in the SAP system.



Traffic lights signal whether all processing steps were successful, with each error being logged in detail, allowing targeted and professional post-processing.


Flexible to use

The SPEEDI add-ons copy all types of scheduling agreements: scheduling agreements with delivery schedules, with delivery orders, JIT scheduling agreements, scheduling agreements with external service providers.-Add-ons copy all types of scheduling agreements: scheduling agreements with delivery schedules, delivery orders, JIT scheduling agreements, scheduling agreements with external service agents.


Directly in SAP

The SPEEDI solutions extend the SAP standard without modification. They simplify and streamline the process, while at the same time ensuring a high level of process reliability and excellent data quality, because manual copying processes and entries are reduced to a minimum.

Our process solutions

SPEEDI Delivery schedule copier MM
With the SPEEDI Delivery schedule copier MM, SAP delivery schedules can be copied quickly and easily automatically, and new and lean delivery schedules can be created conveniently and used as a copy template. SAP scheduling agreements for which a copy is created are selected according to criteria such as vendor, purchasing organization, document, material or material group, and all data and settings are also copied or reassigned. This includes delivery schedules, JIT delivery schedules, handling units, cumulative quantities, purchasing info records including source list entries, vendor addresses, account assignments, terms of delivery and payment, but also the existing SPEEDI-configuration as well as header and position texts.
SPEEDI Delivery schedule copier SD
With the SPEEDI SD scheduling agreement copier, the processes involved in canceling or creating a new SD scheduling agreement can be carried out IT-supported and largely automatically. For scheduling agreements that are to be copied or newly created, the SPEEDI-solution offers numerous selection criteria, for example by sales organization, sales channel, office or document, but also by sold-to party, date of installation, material or partner. Which items and settings are transferred or reassigned to the new scheduling agreement - cancelled scheduling agreement items, forecast, JIT and planning delivery schedules, texts, existing SPEEDI-configurations, HU references, JIS call-offs or the SPEEDI-on/off control - can be set by mouse click.
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