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Just-in-sequence (JIS) consulting

Bundled expertise for your JIS success

For you as a supplier, just-in-sequence (JIS) means that you have to comply exactly with the customer's specifications in terms of quantity, time, place and sequence of delivery. This is only cost-effective if you also optimize your internal processes. You can create a solid foundation for this with the right software solution. We support you on the way to this goal with an individual and future-proof JIS concept. Let us advise you!

An employee places Smarties in a sequence on a desk to represent the Just in Sequence process.

What is Just in Sequence?

Just in Sequence is a special delivery concept. Goods and products must not only arrive at the right place at the right time (Just in Time or JIT), but also in the correct order. JIS delivery is particularly common in the automotive industry. Car manufacturers have optimized their processes for a tight production cycle so that they can process all parts for assembly exactly when they are delivered.

Why is just-in-sequence delivery such a big challenge?

In JIS delivery, an error on the part of the supplier means, in the worst case, a production standstill for your customer. If this happens too often, your supplier rating will suffer. And if your delivery reliability is too poor, you have to expect that your customers will switch to another supplier.

The pressure is therefore particularly great to always deliver correctly and to implement smooth logistics and production processes.

If you want to map JIS processes yourself, you need digital support. There are various solutions for this. The advantages and disadvantages of these alternatives cannot be generalized. Apply to any situation. It strongly depends on the functions of the specific software solution, on the requirements of the customers to be supplied, on the number of customers and also on the existing systems.

We compare the five most important solutions.

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What questions do you have about Just in Sequence?

The biggest problems in JIS processes

External factors

Not all problems can be solved internally. Also external factors have an impact on how efficiently your processes run. These include, for example:

  • Material shortage
  • Sudden disruptions in the supply chain
  • Production downtime
  • Skills shortage

Supply chain managers and schedulers in supplier companies are used to playing firefighter. They react when it is actually already too late and iron out any process errors. If necessary, they schedule additional shifts, organize special trips or calm dissatisfied customers on the phone.

Internal problems

But also Internal problems prevent you from creating smooth JIS processes. Suppliers struggle with challenges especially at the following points:

  • Communication via EDI (electronic data interchange) with customers
  • Production according to sequence
  • System failures
  • Lack of resources

You can counter these problems by creating transparency and optimizing your process flows. Digital solutions are necessary for this. Software can help you identify problems early on, communicate cleanly and transparently with your customers, and counter failures or shortages early on. Only then will you be able to supply your customers in the right order, regardless of the situation along your supply chain.

Are you in the following situation?

We already support you while you are processing an OEM's tender. With our help, you not only understand the special requirements, but start from the beginning, with solutions that really suit you - for JIS processes that work in the long term.

Even if you already have experience with JIS processes: A new JIS process or keeping various JIS processes up to date can be a challenge. With the JIS Competence Center, you have an experienced partner at your side who ensures that you can react flexibly to new requirements at any time.

Many companies shy away from being responsible for the sequential supply of their customers themselves. External service providers can take over this task - but they are often also expensive and take away your flexibility. The JIS Competence Center supports you if you want to take the step of standing on your own two feet.

With our process experience, we are a partner at eye level who supports you in ensuring smooth JIS processing. Whether using SAP systems or not, we fully understand the needs of your customers and the OEMs you supply and can take all requirements into account.

The JIS Competence Center

WSW Software has gained extensive experience with JIS processes within the last thirty years. We have guided companies like yours to implement and optimize smooth JIS processes. Our experts use this experience for JIS consulting.

Successful projects
Finished vehicles
Function modules for your requirements

The JIS Competence Center supports you in your challenges!

Our services: JIS consulting in every phase

The JIS Competence Center supports you in all topics related to JIS delivery!

OEM tenders

Especially for new processes or new components, the value determination for logistics and IT costs is complex. With our experience, we support you in efficiently and realistically processing tenders from OEMs.

Strategy consulting right from the start

IT strategy consulting: The starting point is a strategy workshop in which you work with WSW experts to formulate the requirements for your custom-fit JIS concept and compile and analyze future JIS processes.

Comprehensive project planning

Subsequently, a detailed specification sheet is created, which records and evaluates the JIS requirements of your customers. In this context, we also determine the stability and availability requirements of the future JIS software.

Software selection

At the same time, the approach forms a solid foundation for selecting the JIS solution that best meets your requirements: We will be happy to advise you on LOJISTIX or SPEEDI SAP JIS.

Implementation and realization

Thanks to our structured approach, the implementation of any application is ensured under precise adherence to schedule and budget. Our experts involve your business users in the project right from the start, so that nothing stands in the way of smooth and efficient JIS processing.

Operation, maintenance and update

We ensure the secure operation of your solutions with our individual support offering. In addition, we support you in meeting current process requirements at all times and regularly update our solutions.

This is why you benefit from consulting for your JIS processes

Optimized processes secure your competitiveness and your future. The better you meet your customers' JIS requirements, the more likely you are to stand out from your competitors. With high delivery reliability and a good supplier rating, you ensure that your customers remain loyal to you. Digitizing your JIS processes plays a central role in this.

WSW Software has gained extensive experience with JIS processes within the last thirty years. We have guided companies like yours to implement and optimize smooth JIS processes. Our experts use this experience for JIS consulting.


Technology Independent

Regardless of whether you want to handle JIS processes with SAP or without SAP: We advise you so that the solution really fits your requirements.


Years long experience

VALERIS maps all production lines and workstations as a digital twin and reflects the processes on the store floor and the production logic one-to-one. VALERIS ensures seamless Traceability of the manufactured products and the processes.


Comprehensive process competence

We know the most challenging JIS processes inside out. Whether it's EDI data reception, process monitoring or special requirements from OEMs: In us, you have a contact partner who knows your requirements in detail. 


Complete introduction

We support you in implementing the appropriate JIS solution and train your employees.


No questions open

You will also receive comprehensive advice for all questions relating to sequence production.



As part of our JIS consulting, we use proven and targeted methods to ensure that the project effort is kept within expectable limits. 


ITIL compliant support

We also offer ITIL-compliant support services and maintenance of your installed solution so that you benefit from a stable solution for as long as possible.

Solutions for your JIS requirements

We support you in implementing highly efficient JIS processes with the right solution.

What's next?

Get to know our experts personally.

Appointment request

You can arrange a no-obligation consultation with our team via our website.


Initial interview

In the first appointment, we talk with you about your challenges and assign you to the right contact person.


Get to know

A specialist will talk with you in a 60-minute appointment about your individual situation and challenges and discuss how we can support you.



Thereupon, there is the option that we support you in the long term with our process and strategy consulting or even with an implementation project.


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The most frequently asked questions about Just In Sequence (JIS) consulting

Just in Time (JIT) was originally defined to tie the supply chain in the automotive industry more closely to the OEM and to make the delivery process even more accurate. With Just in Time, the supplier is required to deliver the goods in a certain quantity within a certain period of time (days or hours).  Just in Sequence (JIS) is then the refinement of delivering the products to the OEM in the correct sequence. As a rule, the sequence is based on the OEM's assembly sequence. Just as the vehicles are on the assembly line, the add-on parts or systems must be delivered to the OEM by the supplier. The time frames are usually much finer and tighter. Here, it is often a matter of supplying the OEM to the assembly line to the minute.

The advantages are time and sorting savings. Goods receipt at the OEM can be accelerated. The products can be placed directly on the assembly line. This makes logistics much easier.

The implementation is usually done by the functions of the SAP JIT module. The logic for the JIT/JIS delivery scenario can be set up there. In most cases, programming is still required, which must be implemented in SAP through user exits or BADIs within the JIT environment. SAP provides a framework solution here, which must be developed in the project. (This is usually not possible without programming).

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