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As a supplier, just in sequence (JIS) means that you have to comply exactly with the customer's specifications in terms of quantity, time, place and sequence of delivery. This is only cost-effective if you also optimize your internal production sequences. You can create a solid basis for this with a future-proof JIS concept in conjunction with a software solution that automatically processes and checks the component call-offs together with the sequence information they contain.

An employee places Smarties in a sequence on a desk to represent the Just in Sequence process.

Future-proof concept thanks to JIS expertise

In the realization of your JIS project as well as in all questions concerning JIS production, we at WSW Software support you with the bundled consulting, process and technology expertise of our JIS Competence Center. Our experts will support you in the selection and implementation of the appropriate JIS solution with comprehensive consulting and a structured project method.

You benefit from the best possible support because the JIS Competence Center provides all services from a single source: ITIL-compliant support services, individual support - around the clock if required - and maintenance of the installed solution as part of managed services.

Performance overview

Do you want to increase the efficiency of your JIS processing and implement a future-proof JIS concept? We would be happy to advise you and support you with your project.  

The starting point is a strategy workshop in which you work with WSW experts to formulate the requirements for your custom-fit JIS concept and compile and analyze the future JIS processes.
Project planning
Subsequently, a detailed specification sheet is created, which records and evaluates the JIS requirements of your customers. In this context, we also determine the stability and availability requirements of the future JIS software.
To JIS success with method
Thanks to our structured approach, the implementation of any application is ensured under precise adherence to schedule and budget. Our experts involve your business users in the project right from the start, so that nothing stands in the way of smooth and efficient JIS processing.
Implementation with LOJISTIX or SAP
This gives you certainty with regard to upcoming investments and at the same time provides a solid foundation for selecting the JIS solution that best meets your needs: LOJISTIX® or SPEEDI SAP JIS.

Products & Solutions

We support you in implementing highly efficient JIS processes with the right solution.

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The most frequently asked questions about Just In Sequence (JIS) consulting

Just-in-Time (JIT) was originally defined to tie the supply chain in the automotive industry more closely to the OEM and to make the delivery process more accurate. With Just-in-Time, the supplier is required to deliver the goods in a specific period of time (days or hours) in a corresponding quantity. Just-in-Sequence (JIS) is then further refined to additionally deliver the products to the OEM in the correct sequence. As a rule, the sequence is based on the OEM's assembly sequence. Just as the vehicles are on the assembly line, the add-on parts or systems must be delivered to the OEM by the supplier. The time frames are usually much finer and tighter. Here, it is often a matter of supplying the OEM to the assembly line to the minute.

The advantages are time and sorting savings. Goods receipt at the OEM can be accelerated. The products can be placed directly on the assembly line. This makes logistics much easier.

The implementation is usually done by the functions of the SAP JIT module. The logic for the JIT/JIS delivery scenario can be set up there. In most cases, programming is still required, which must be implemented in SAP through user exits or BADIs within the JIT environment. SAP provides a framework solution here, which must be developed in the project. (This is usually not possible without programming).

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Eurofit/Wheel System Mosel - Just-in-sequence (JIS) series supply retread

The Eurofit Group has been an international partner in tire assembly for the world's largest automotive manufacturers since 1996. The group is a joint venture between Michelin and Continental based in Belgium. With 1,200 employees in 18 plants in Europe, Africa and Asia, the Eurofit Group delivers high-quality and reliable tire-wheel assemblies (TWAs) and services in just-in-time (JIT) and just-in-sequence (JIS) processes. 

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