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Intra-Community Processes

Automate evidence of shipments of goods

When shipping goods within the EU or even when receiving goods from the EU, you must comply with some regulations and provide evidence accordingly. The goal is therefore to invest as little effort as possible in the proofs.

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Fully digitized intra-community processes

The processes required to save taxes on the movement of goods within the EU are often complex, prone to errors and, in the worst case, non-transparent. If VAT is levied retrospectively, the financial damage is serious - especially if an audit only uncovers errors years later.

Processes such as the VAT identification number check or the Intrastat report can be automated. Not only does this save you time, but you can also be sure that all the necessary evidence is available and can stand up to scrutiny.

Our process solutions

We will be happy to support you in automating your intra-Community processes without a system break.

Sales tax identification number check
The VAT ID number cannot be checked for validity in the SAP standard. With the help of our SAP-based add-on, you can easily automate the check and permanently store the results. If the identification number is incorrect, the document can be blocked until the error is corrected.
Intrastat declarations
We support you in submitting your Intrastat declarations directly in SAP ERP or also in SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) to be carried out. This saves you the tedious determination of the necessary data and reduces errors that can be made during manual reporting.
Confirmation of Arrival
Thanks to our SAP-based extension, you keep the Confirmation of Arrival for proof of VAT-exempt delivery directly in SAP. In the event of a tax audit, you can thus be sure of being able to present the proof (for example, as a receipt from your customer or forwarder) at any time.




You drastically reduce the manual effort for transmissions and verifications by providing them directly in your SAP systems and documenting them there. Formerly time-consuming processes such as the VAT number check no longer take up any time.


Error reduction

Since you no longer have to manually intervene in the data transfer for Intrastat, for example, significantly fewer errors occur. In the event of a tax audit, you are on the safe side and do not have to fear any additional payments!



Evidence is documented directly in your SAP system and archived on request. This way, you can be sure that you can meet your obligation to provide evidence in the event of tax audits and that all necessary data and receipts are available at all times.


Here you will find the most important information on intra-Community processes in brief:

Intrastat is a statistic for recording the movement of goods within the EU. Goods that are extracted, produced or in free circulation in the EU are recorded there. Companies are required to provide information as soon as the volume of their intra-EU exchange of goods exceeds certain thresholds. The electronic reporting procedure can either be carried out via an online form or reported directly from a company's operational data.

Before a company is allowed to supply goods within the EU free of VAT, it must ensure that its customer does not have to pay VAT. To do this, it can check online whether its customer's VAT number is valid and assigned to the customer. The database query, which is provided by the German Federal Central Tax Office, is intended to simplify trade on the European market.

The confirmation of receipt is a document that you can use to prove that tax-free deliveries within the EU have reached the recipient. It is one of the VAT proof obligations and can be implemented with the help of electronic procedures.

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