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Logistics consulting

End-to-end logistics processes from a single source

As a supplier, component manufacturer or logistics service provider, your competitiveness depends to a large extent on excellent logistics processes. Your customers expect you to deliver your products reliably, on time, in the exact quantity, the agreed quality, and correctly labeled in the prescribed packaging to the right unloading point or conveyor.

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IT-supported handling of complex logistics processes

Companies that manage their logistics processes with end-to-end IT support are ahead of the game. This starts with the receipt of the order, continues with picking, packaging and the compilation of the transports, including weight determination and labeling, and ends with shipping. In the case of deliveries beyond EU borders, the logistics process is not even considered complete until the confirmation of arrival.

For complex logistics processes such as third-party order processing, subcontracting, or just in sequence (JIS) delivery, end-to-end IT support pays off twice over. 

Then, for example, you can easily incorporate the customer's delivery or JIT delivery schedules into your sales scheduling agreement (SD) and transmit them to the third-party supplier via the purchasing scheduling agreement (MM), regardless of whether it is an external supplier or one of your own plants. Conversely, your ERP software easily processes the electronic shipping notification, through which the third-party supplier initiates the delivery of the completed components to the customer.

Performance overview

Do you want to increase efficiency, flexibility and transparency in your logistics processes and thus be that decisive step ahead of the competition?

Logistics optimization with know-how
In view of the complex requirements, you are well advised to use the services of an experienced partner. We at WSW Software support you in all matters of logistics and JIS processing with our high level of process, consulting and solution expertise and with services from a single source. Together with you, we determine the IT solution that is best suited for your purposes.
Automated processing and checking of JIS release performance
The requirements are very extensive and multi-layered when you, as an automotive supplier, deliver components Just in Sequence to the assembly lines of your customers, the automotive manufacturers or system suppliers. In this demanding industry, it is particularly important that the IT systems can automatically process and check the JIS release performance from the customers together with the sequence information they contain. Regardless of what JIS requirement you have: We at WSW Software support you with our concentrated consulting know-how and with a solution tailored entirely to your needs.
More than 30 years of logistics experience
We at WSW Software are at your side here with consulting, solution and technology expertise based on in-depth know-how and more than 30 years of experience. Since we provide all services - consulting, design, development, implementation, maintenance and support - from a single source, you benefit from the best possible support and can implement even demanding logistics projects quickly, on time and economically.

Products & Solutions

At WSW Software, we work with you to plan and implement a customized solution that will pay for itself quickly and provide you with a wide range of business benefits.

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