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Data archiving in JIS processes

Working effectively with IT solutions

For efficient just-in-sequence delivery, companies need IT solutions that work with high performance. However, if such a system has to manage too much data, it works more slowly. With legally compliant and flexible data archiving, your solution remains fast and resource-efficient.

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High performance for your JIS processes

Just-in-sequence processes are highly complex and therefore require increased efficiency and transparency to ensure that all products are delivered as ordered. That's why companies that supply customers just-in-sequence use IT solutions that help them do just that, such as LOJISTIX.

However, companies cannot afford to be slowed down by an IT solution: Even if several thousand vehicles have to be sequenced per day, the JIS solution has to perform efficiently and conserve resources at all times.

Analyses must also be available quickly and flexibly, even if the JIS solution manages an enormously large amount of data, and legal regulations regarding the retention of data must also be strictly adhered to.

For JIS applications to cope, you need to archive data on a regular basis. Your JIS solution works faster because it has to manage and process less data and provides you the efficiency you need for your processes.

Our process solution

Data archiving with LOJISTIX
We are happy to support you in performing legally compliant and individual archiving at any time. With the LOJISTIX "Archiving" module, data can be archived easily, quickly, and in a legally compliant manner. Your JIS system remains lean and manageable and always ensures high performance for your JIS processes.



High performance

Your system will work more effectively after the data to be archived has been moved to so-called archive tables or an archive database. At the same time, it ensures that you comply with all legal requirements for data retention.



The archiving plans, including their own data models, can be conveniently created graphically using drag-and-drop. The archiving times as well as the retention periods for data can be conveniently defined via configuration. Based on best practices, LOJISTIX automatically creates proposals for archiving common data tables that belong together technically.



LOJISTIX Archiving can archive not only the data within the JIS system, but also the files stored in folders on the Windows file system, for example incoming EDI data from the OEM.

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