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The cloud platform for simplified foreign trade processes

In companies, customs and foreign trade is an interface between internal departments and external partners such as customers or suppliers. You can simplify the communication required for this thanks to the TRADEGO cloud platform: Here, central functions for your customs and foreign trade processes are available in a single web application.

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The central contact point for data exchange

In the international movement of goods, you exchange data with your customers, your suppliers and with official bodies such as customs. In most cases, this is done electronically, but via different systems and web applications. TRADEGO combines these functions in the cloud and thus simplifies your work: You access all necessary data via a central web application. 

TRADEGO is the cloud supplement for your customs and foreign trade processes. The cloud platform forms your central interface to communicate with suppliers and customers - via a web application, from any computer and completely automatically.

When you benefit from TRADEGO:

You want to reduce the effort involved in manual data transfer and avoid errors caused by it.

It is unnecessarily complicated for you to rely on different applications to share information with your partners.

You work today or in the future with AVENIO and want to automate and simplify further process steps in customs and foreign trade.


Vendor Declaration

To benefit from customs reductions, you need information from your supplier on the preferential origin of the goods. You can request the so-called supplier's declaration easily and quickly via TRADEGO using your web browser.

In a single overview, you can see all requested long-term supplier declarations and their status at a glance. You only have to approve the synchronization into your SAP system afterwards.

The individual materials of a long-term supplier declaration are clearly displayed with the relevant information. Here you can approve or reject individual or all materials for the long-term supplier declarations maintained by your supplier.

The details of your supplier's preference statements at the agreement level will help you approve or reject the statement made.

Due to the horizontal division of the app, all relevant information is presented to you in any scalable size. You have all the data you need right at your fingertips, allowing you to make an informed decision faster.

The system performs its own plausibility check based on country of origin and commodity code, simplifying your suppliers' entries.

Your suppliers benefit from the clear app and can see at a glance in the overview all requested long-term supplier declarations that they still need to process.

Confirmation of Arrival

Do you want to quickly and easily obtain evidence of the shipment of your goods abroad in the EU (confirmation of arrival)? TRADEGO simplifies the request and documentation of your proofs for your intra-Community deliveries for you.

With the help of TRADEGO, your customers confirm the delivered quantities and delivery data simply by using an automatically sent web link in their browser. Synchronization with your SAP system is fully automated.

You see directly when customers have completed the proof of arrival. The receipts are automatically stored in your SAP system and the proof can be transparently tracked at any time.



Cloud at its best

The cloud is not the perfect solution for all scenarios, but with TRADEGO it plays out its advantages to the full: Data access is possible from anywhere and collaboration with others is simplified. TRADEGO transports these advantages one-to-one into your customs and foreign trade processes.


Safe and stable

Sensitive product and shipping data in the cloud? With TRADEGO you can be sure that your data is encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. We ensure that you have access to a stable solution at all times.


Automation and simplification

One central platform for different processes: TRADEGO means you can handle central processes smoothly and conveniently via a single web application without having to constantly switch applications.

The technology behind TRADEGO

What is the basis of TRADEGO?

  • TRADEGO is a cloud application in the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) Cloud Foundry Runtime with an underlying SAP HANA Cloud.
  • Our runtime provider is Microsoft Azure in the EU - Netherlands region.
  • The SAP Fiori user interface is part of the Launchpad of the SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition (formerly SAP Launchpad Service).
  • The data of the respective connected SAP "upstream system" is accessed via the Cloud Connector.
  • The cloud solution was built according to SAP best practice.

Which technological requirements do I have to fulfill for TRADEGO?

TRADEGO can be connected to your SAP system (for example SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA or SAP GTS). The prerequisite for this is the SAP Gateway, as this provides the ODATA services for data processing from the cloud. The SAP Gateway is available as of SAP Basis Release 7.40.

In principle, a connection to non-SAP systems is also possible.

View into the software

What's next?

Have we aroused your interest in TRADEGO? Here's how it goes now:

Appointment request

You can arrange a no-obligation consultation with our team via our website.

Initial interview

In the first appointment, we want to get to know you and your requirements in order to check which of our products or services best suits you.

Get to know

We then talk to you in detail about your challenges, your existing processes and systems, in order to examine together how you can best benefit from TRADEGO or other solutions. A close look at the software is also part of this.   



If we were able to convince you of TRADEGO, we will start planning the implementation project together.

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