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The solution for your customs and foreign trade processes directly in SAP

Where SAP ERP does not provide enough support for the demanding processes to support your movement of goods abroad, AVENIO comes into play:
The SAP-based add-on provides you with a wide range of functions that support all customs and foreign trade processes.

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Automate your international goods traffic with AVENIO

The SAP-based add-on AVENIO offers you support for all processes in your foreign trade processes: From the classification of your goods to customs clearance to the Confirmation of Arrival you benefit from transparent processes, constantly retrievable receipts and documents, and automated work steps.
The solution is seamlessly integrated into SAP ERP and has the necessary interfaces to electronic customs procedures. Your master data is thus always transferred correctly and error-free and you have all receipts and documents stored in your SAP system ready for retrieval at any time.

When you benefit from AVENIO:

Manual processes, creating documents and gathering all the necessary information and data cost you too much time.

You've found that every mistake that happens in customs clearance and your international business is one mistake too many.

You work with SAP solutions, but they do not offer you the functions you need in customs and foreign trade.

You want to be on the safe side, both legally when it comes to legal requirements and when it comes to customs reductions that you can pass on directly to your customers.

The limits of SAP ERP in your customs and foreign trade processes

The Foreign Trade module of SAP ERP offers some basic functions to support you in the international movement of your goods. However, if you compare this with the processes that are carried out in customs and foreign trade on a daily basis, large gaps become apparent. Here you can see directly which additional functions AVENIO offers you.

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AVENIO functions

AVENIO supports you in all central processes in customs and foreign trade:



Without system break

As an SAP-based add-on, AVENIO fits seamlessly into your existing system landscape. Users work in the familiar environment and you can be sure that your data is always up-to-date and correct.


Perfect fit

We take your individual requirements into account! Therefore, we advise you individually and make sure that our solution fits your processes and challenges.


Error reduction and legal certainty

More automation and less manual intervention ensure that you make fewer if any errors - an important factor when it comes to regulatory compliance! AVENIO creates the necessary transparency and security.

What's next?

Have we aroused your interest in AVENIO? Here's how it goes now:

Appointment request

You can arrange a no-obligation consultation with our team via our website.

Initial interview

In the first appointment, we want to get to know you and your requirements in order to check which of our products or services best suits you.

Get to know

We then talk to you in detail about your challenges, your existing processes and systems, in order to examine together how you can best benefit from TRADEGO or other solutions. A close look at the software is also part of this.   



If we could convince you of AVENIO, we start the planning for the implementation project together.

View into the software

An excerpt of our customers

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Peter Thurn

Chief Sales Officer | Director Business Unit Customs / Foreign Trade

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