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KPI Package Incoming Orders

Be quickly informed about changes in orders

If you want to know how the situation of your orders is changing, this can only be implemented to a limited extent with SAP. With our quickly implementable key figure package, you make changes visible directly and on a daily basis.

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Create transparency in SAP

Manufacturing industries are required to regularly report some data, including your incoming orders, to the relevant state offices. Even without this obligation, it is important to be able to make precise statements about changes in your incoming orders so that you can react to fluctuations at an early stage. This allows you to adjust your follow-up processes in good time if incoming orders fall short of or exceed your expectations.


In SAP systems, however, this often cannot be displayed accurately, because time zones or so-called "fast-moving" orders, for example, are not recorded here at all. Those who still want to view incoming orders have to make do with their own programming - or create evaluations manually. But there is also an alternative.

With the help of our KPI package Incoming Orders, you can obtain an overview of the current status directly in your SAP system at any time - with little implementation effort and without time-consuming manual rework.




You can see changes in your incoming orders quickly and thus clearly notice every change immediately.


Low effort

Instead of manually keeping your own tables of incoming orders, you can clearly view all changes directly in SAP. You do not need an additional system for this, but can access the key figures directly in SAP.


Basis for corporate success

Changes in incoming orders are important for all subsequent processes. With our key figures package for incoming orders, you maintain an overview for timely reactions and as a basis for corporate decisions.

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