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Monitor data exchange:
EDI and IDoc monitoring

Monitoring for your smooth data exchange

Electronic data interchange (EDI) automates a large number of processes between customers and suppliers, and the number is growing. IDocs or Intermediate Documents, the standard SAP document format for the transfer of business transaction data plays a central role for SAP users. But the options for monitoring data exchange are limited in the SAP standard of all things.

An employee checks the mapping settings on his monitor.

Closing gaps in the SAP standard

Suppliers and customers are exchanging an ever-increasing amount of data electronically at an ever-faster rate. This makes it all the more important to have a smooth data exchange in which each partner receives and can process messages intended for them at the right time. This also applies to the internal exchange of data between SAP software and an EDI converter.

Transparency about the data exchange is central, because in the event of faulty IDocs must be reworked. But in SAP standard IDoc reporting, no targeted monitoring or visualization of the IDoc types used in EDI data exchange is possible.

In addition, if you work with customers using data in XML or CSV format, the processing becomes even more complicated.

WSW Software offers a whole range of solutions for this problem, depending on your specific requirements: Directly in SAP you can use tools from our SPEEDImodular system allows data exchange to be monitored more efficiently and transparently.

Our process solutions

SPEEDI IMon IDoc Monitor SAP
In the solution SPEEDI IMon, different IDoc message types can be clearly selected and visualized in a single monitor, and incorrect data records can be processed by the user according to his authorization. This prevents incorrect information from entering the SAP system from the outset, as IDoc monitoring is shifted from the IT to the business department.
SPEEDI IDoc monitoring
The SPEEDI IDoc Monitoring Monitor provides highly efficient monitoring and alerting specifically for outbound SAP IDocs required as part of an electronic data interchange. In this SPEEDI-solution, it is possible to precisely define by configuration for each outgoing IDoc, with reference to the respective data exchange partners, at which point in time it must have reached a certain IDoc status.
SPEEDI EDI procedure
Suppliers using SAP software must add certain additional data to IDocs for outgoing invoices in accordance with their customers' EDI guidelines, or in accordance with the regulations of the receiving country. Conversely, EDI data from customers must also be enriched when it is incorporated into the SAP solution. Such requirements are not or only insufficiently covered by the SAP standard. SPEEDI helps you to create outgoing EDI invoices correctly according to customer and country-specific requirements, as well as to incorporate EDI credit and payment advices into SAP automatically and without errors.
SPEEDI File Upload in SAP
Often the exchange of information with suppliers and customers still with Excel, CSV and XML files instead of uniformly via EDI. The conversion to an SAP IDoc file, including familiarization with the SAP software, requires numerous manual steps. The SPEEDI File Upload puts an end to this. This IT tool can be used to upload arrival confirmations or delivery and JIT delivery schedules received in the form of an Excel file (XLS, XLSX) via e-mail, or foreign trade data in XML or CSV format to the SAP software and convert them into an IDoc data record and the appropriate IDoc base type by mapping.



Avoid mistakes

With the help of our solution modules, you can seamlessly monitor the data exchange and thus react quickly and specifically to faulty data and messages.


Automate manual steps

Time spent monitoring electronic data exchange with your customers and suppliers can be saved by completing these steps with a software solution from the SPEEDI-Automate portfolio.


Directly in SAP

Our solutions from the SPEEDI-Toolbox can be seamlessly integrated into your existing SAP system landscape as SAP-based add-ons. The extensions are thus ready for immediate use.

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