Production control & monitoring

Getting the most out of production processes

Production control and monitoring form the core of your company's success. With optimized processes, you can ensure efficient, error-free and flexible production. The right IT solutions support you in this and you secure the decisive competitive advantage.

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Transparent and efficient production control and monitoring

Efficient and flexible processes in production are a decisive competitive factor. But in growing companies, with large product ranges or constantly changing process flows, this is a challenge. With the help of software solutions, however, you not only get the necessary transparency and efficiency, you also create the basis for sustainably optimizing your processes.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), which can digitally map your workflows and production lines and monitor your processes, play a central role in this.

Do you know the following challenges?

You work with changing production processes.

Managing and monitoring production manually becomes too time consuming as you grow.

You don't have the resources to manage an elaborate IT project.

You need to ensure complete traceability for your products.

You need better monitoring capabilities to ensure high product quality and low scrap.

Increase productivity with VALERIS

Our Manufacturing Execution System VALERIS supports you in achieving more transparency in your production processes and sustainably increasing productivity. The modern, web-based solution relies on the no-code/low-code approach, which enables you to quickly configure process/production parameters and manufacturing sequences yourself, even without extensive IT knowledge. With VALERIS, you network your manufacturing processes and are an important step further on the way to Industry 4.0.




A special case of production monitoring is that of being able to precisely track individual production steps and even individual products, to detect problems at an early stage and to be able to follow them up. This is also referred to as traceability. Software solutions like our MES VALERIS support you in this.


Machine connection

In the context of digitalization, the connectivity of your systems in production to your machines but also to different software solutions is a decisive factor: Because this enables you to control and monitor your production efficiently - and thus optimize your processes better.


Usability & Flexibility

Production processes are becoming increasingly agile. If you want to be able to react quickly to changes and relieve your workers, you won't get far with systems that are bulky and complicated to operate. Modern software solutions support you with clear interfaces, intuitive user guidance and the ability to make configurations independently and without programming knowledge.

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