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KPI Package Orders on Hand

KPIs on orders on hand at the push of a button

The orders on hand is a key performance indicator (KPI) that is central to planning and managing the business with foresight. However, companies using SAP software are not adequately supported by the SAP standard in preparing KPIs on orders on hand. With our KPI package, you receive KPIs almost in real time - simply at the push of a button.

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Transparency for strategic and operational decisions

Up-to-date KPIs on orders on hand and individual customer order quantities, preferably in real time, as well as a clear view of changes in inventory compared to the previous month or year are relevant for competition - especially in times when the economic situation can change from one day to the next.

Transparency is particularly relevant when it comes to orders on hand: This is because it is a key figure that shows you what future sales you will generate. If, for example, large orders are canceled, this can later have a severe impact on sales and thus also on the liquidity of your company.

KPIs on orders on hand are relevant to management and therefore also important for your management: If changes occur, you must be able to take quick countermeasures and, if necessary, find an agreement with your customer.

The SAP standard provides these KPIs only inadequately and usually cannot map your individual requirements. Our KPI package provides you "out of the box" and almost in real-time with daily updated KPIs on the order backlog or the orders on hand, simply at the push of a button.



Configurable for specific industry requirements

A big plus of this add-on is that it provides industry-typical KPIs, such as those required by automotive suppliers.


Clearly arranged directly in SAP

The KPI package extracts the required order data from SAP, prepares it, forms the relevant KPIs from it, and visualizes them compactly and clearly as a graphic, report, or chart in a dashboard, on the desktop PC or mobile on the smartphone or tablet.


Adapt flexibly

The KPIs for the orders on hand can be drilled down to the desired level of detail and evaluated further, if necessary down to the schedule line level in the sales document.


Making past developments transparent

Since regular automatic snapshots can be performed with the KPI package, a history of the orders on hand is created on the basis of which the development compared to the previous month or the previous year can be tracked, compared and evaluated.


Mapping sales development

In addition, it is possible to track at any time how call-off quantities change in an SD delivery schedule or when the order on hand becomes sales.


Using key figures operationally

The add-on also determines which documents are currently blocked and why (delivery, billing, credit limit block), which orders and scheduling agreements are in arrears or backlogged, or which orders are due for shipment tomorrow or next week, for example.

Features of the KPI Package Orders on Hand

As with all our KPI packages, the technical heart of the "Orders on Hand" KPI package is a Business Analytics Engine (BA Engine). It collects and calculates the information and parameters required to determine the open orders on hand from SAP ECC SD or from SAP S/4HANA Sales and prepares them. This includes, among others:

Open sales documents grouped by process status

Standard partner functions and individual partner functions

Quantity key figures for orders and confirmed orders in relation to base and sales unit or a freely selectable unit

All SAP scheduling agreement variants

Value indicators in three currencies

Customer orders or consignment and transit stocks

There are also functions for SD billing plans, as well as the detailed view of the shipping status. Classification of open orders, by production status for make-to-order production, is also included.


Possible applications in the SAP environment

The KPI package works in conjunction with SAP BW on anyDB or powered by SAP HANA and SAP BW/4HANA, but it can also be implemented and used as a standalone solution. The "Order backlog" KPI package, which WSW Software is constantly developing, can be easily installed on an SAP BW or SAP BW/4HANA system via an SAP transport request and set up individually as required. As a BI frontend, the following are available SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office and SAP Analytics Cloud different tools to choose from.

In these solutions, end users can create their own queries and reports according to the BI self-service concept or perform data analyses and data exploration in interactive dashboards or standard reports. However, the add-on also transfers KPIs to a non-SAP BI solution if such a tool is already in use. For front-end tools, we focus on Microsoft Power BI. The interfaces can be designed in your own corporate design and, if necessary, adapted and expanded to meet individual reporting requirements.

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