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Whitepaper: OEM supply

Here you will encounter the biggest problems

What would be unthinkable in other industries is commonplace in the automotive industry: Customers, i.e. automotive manufacturers (OEMs), make very precise and complicated demands on their suppliers as to how deliveries and the entire communication surrounding the delivery are to take place. How the suppliers implement these requirements is left up to them and usually presents them with problems. As a software provider, we have been dealing with OEM processes for years. In this whitepaper, we explain the biggest issues and challenges suppliers face with these processes. The whitepaper also contains, in the form of a table, a detailed list of all the problematic points for each OEM.

Cover page to whitepaper: OEM delivery - Here you will encounter the biggest problems, illustrated on a tablet.

The central aspects summarized:

  • What problems can you expect with OEM supply?
  • Examples described in detail along the individual process steps
  • Here you will also find a detailed list of where problems arise for which OEMs

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