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BMW finally converts EDI formats to industry standards VDA 4984 and VDA 4987 - no more exceptions for suppliers

The BMW Group is finally converting EDI communication with suppliers still using the old VDA standards to the current EDI standards. The conversion project will start at the beginning of June 2022 and will take place in waves, beginning with the European plants. This means that after a test phase, all suppliers will be

  • be able to productively receive and process incoming messages from BMW according to VDA 4984
  • transmit outgoing messages to BMW without errors according to VDA 4987.

BMW plans that every supplier will be able to receive and process the data in the new formats by November 30, 2022 at the latest. Support for testing and troubleshooting will be provided by BMW.

EDI messages BMW-compliant management in SAP ERP
For BMW suppliers who use SAP ERP and have not yet converted to VDA 4984 or VDA 4987, WSW Software offers an uncomplicated changeover with the SPEEDI BMW basic package. The solution extends the SAP standard without modifications. In addition to the conversion to VDA 4984 or VDA 4987, the package ensures complete BMW-compliant EDI processing (including mappings, documents, labels, etc.) - in strict compliance with the current process standards.

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