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Volkswagen stops exceptions for suppliers

Shipment documents only possible according to VDA 4939 V3.* and Global Transport Label (GTL) only possible according to VDA 4994

The specifications for the application of VDA 4939 Vers. 3.1 as well as VDA 4994 have already been anchored in the VW guidelines since 2017. But some customers had caused an exception in the past. A gap that VW is now closing. As of July 1, 2022, there will no longer be an exception to the transmission of global EDIFACT messages: for the delivery of material, VW will only accept shipment documents in accordance with VDA 4939 version 3.1 or higher as well as Global Transport Labels in accordance with VDA 4994 for the supply of the European group locations, this was the message from VW to its suppliers in February 2022. These must now ensure that the correct documents are used by the deadline at the latest.

Following the conversion of the shipping notification specifications from VDA 4913 to VDA 4987 (Global DESADV), this is a further step on the part of VW towards the harmonization of electronic data exchange with its suppliers.

Generate global EDIFACT messages VDA and VW compliant in SAP ERP

For VW suppliers who use SAP ERP and have not yet converted to VDA 4939 or VDA 4994, WSW Software offers the  SPEEDI VW basic package enables an uncomplicated changeover. The solution extends the SAP standard without modification and ensures smooth and transparent EDI processing with VW - in strict compliance with current process standards. It contains all the necessary functions, tables and forms, for example the shipment document in accordance with VDA 4939 V3.* and the shipping labels in accordance with VDA 4994, including print programs. In addition, it provides the mapping licenses or mapping specifications for the transformation of VDA-4984 delivery schedules to the IDoc basic type DELFOR02 as well as the data from the SHPMNT05 IDoc into the target structures of the VW-VDA-4987 shipping notifications.

The  SPEEDI VW basic package is successfully in use at over 100 Volkswagen suppliers.

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