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Customs/foreign trade solutions under new product umbrella brand AVENIO

WSW Software now manages all SAP-based solutions for customs and foreign trade under the new umbrella brand AVENIO together in a uniform manner. These include solutions for preference calculation as well as the management of long-term supplier declarations and proofs of arrival. They were previously marketed under the umbrella brand SPEEDI guided.

Portrait Peter Thurn
Peter Thurn
Director Business Unit Customs / Foreign Trade, WSW Software

Our SAP-based add-on SPEEDI has become big and well-known with countless solutions in the automotive environment. Over the last few years, we have developed more and more industry-neutral solutions, such as for automating customs/foreign trade processes. We did not want to further dilute SPEEDI's automotive focus and equally address the customs target group in a more focused way. With the new Umbrella brand AVENIOwhich now combines all customs and foreign trade solutions under one roof, we are doing justice to both", says Peter Thurn.

The name AVENIO is inspired by one of the most famous bridges, the Pont d'Avignon. A bridge is used for transportation and overcomes obstacles. Figuratively, it also overcomes obstacles in the movement of goods, creates access to markets and facilitates the exchange of goods.

TRADEGO - web-based solutions for customs/foreign trade processes

With the launch of the AVENIO umbrella brand, WSW Software also launches the new cloud solutions called TRADEGO. TRADEGO supports the simple handling of customs/foreign trade processes on the web, such as requesting supplier declarations or arrival confirmations. TRADEGO solutions are based on the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) and can be easily connected to SAP solutions such as S/4HANA or GTS without system breaks.

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