QUMBU backup & maintenance tool - Review

Schaubild was das Datensicherungstool QUMBU von WSW Software beschreibt


QUMBU lets database administrators – even those with less experience – perform straightforward SQL Server backups and maintenance checks. Databases are the tech heart of the enterprise. If they stop beating, the entire work process usually grinds to a standstill, which is why it is so important constantly to maintain and secure your databases. I took a look at how this can be done with QUMBU – new software by WSW Software for creating backups and maintaining the SQL Server database management system – and discovered that the developers have put a great deal of thought into ease of use and a planned approach. In the lab, I checked whether the software can measure up to the claim that these processes can be organized in an effortless and secure way.

According to Plan - Article from ADMIN 65/2021 by Sandro Lucifora

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