ESP Processing Consistently in SAP ERP


External service providers (ESP) have long been an integral part of the automotive logistics chain. An ESP supplies the customers of a supplier, an OEM or tier-1 and tier-2 suppliers, with material or components from a warehouse, which is usually located close to the plant or on the plant premises. The SAP Standard functions do not satisfactorily cover the processes related to ESP processing according to VDA 4913.


With the SPEEDI ESP solution, ESP processing can be carried out consistently in SAP ERP. It maps all transaction types per VDA 4913: the advances shipping notification from the supplier to the ESP as well as vice versa goods receipt, stock, damage, loss, or delivery messages (collective daily delivery note) from the ESP to the supplier. The necessary adjustments to additional requirements not covered by VDA 4913 can be easily configured in SPEEDI ESP.

The SPEEDI ESP Stock Monitor provides a clear view of the current stock of goods and material of the ESP. Deviations in inventory management are recognized immediately. With a few mouse clicks, it can then be determined, which material causes the deviation. Then, all ESP-related goods movements can be displayed for this material.

The ESP messages - goods receipt, withdrawal and stock messages, damage and loss messages - can be collectively displayed in a central monitor, or separately for each message type in special SPEEDI ESP Message Monitors. The ESP Message Monitors also display the status and content of incoming SAP IDoc messages and, if necessary, can trigger further processing.

With SPEEDI ESP, you can either use traditional ESP processing with the ESP as “special stock partner” or execute processing with the ESP as separate “plant” in SAP ERP. In addition to the VDA 4913, the solution also supports ESP processes with EDIFACT (RECADV and INVRPT) and ANSI X12 messages.


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