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Anyone who supplies Mercedes Benz / Daimler has to deal with terms such as INTO-SC or RFID. The recommendations of the VDA also play a role here. Regardless of whether you have to deal with these topics for the first time or are looking for an end-to-end software solution that can map these requirements, we support you in supplying Mercedes Benz / Daimler.

Supplying SAP: The most important special processes

1. INTO-SC and information from the pick-up sheet

Daimler or Mercedes Benz has extended its EDI processes in the course of the INTOSC project (Inbound Transparency and Optimization in the Supply Chain). Mercedes Benz suppliers who provide parts and components ready for pick-up in the sense of Ex Works (EXW) now also receive a pick-up sheet (PUS) from this OEM according to VDA 4985 (DELJIT), which contains the exact requirements including pick-up and delivery dates, in addition to the delivery call-off.

This means: Suppliers must correctly transfer all information from the PUS to their IT or SAP system and at the same time switch to a different scheduling agreement type. However, the SAP standard cannot transfer the information completely from the PUS, and errors often occur. Smooth processing is not possible, which is why necessary data is missing in the EDI shipping notification.

2. perform RFID processes from Mercedes Benz/Daimler directly in SAP

Daimler, or Mercedes Benz, wants to use RFID technology to automatically collect delivered components in incoming goods and thus streamline the process.

RFID process for special load carriers

Daimler equips the special load carriers that travel back and forth between its own plants and suppliers in firmly defined cycles with a fixed RFID tag (on-metal or smart label) in accordance with VDA 5501. The tag contains an identification number (ID) by which a load carrier can be uniquely identified and which must be transmitted in the shipping notification. The SAP standard is not able to transfer these ID numbers in the shipping notification.

RFID process for universal load carriers

The back of the goods tags (VDA 4902 label) for universal load carriers is provided with a single-use RFID tag. It must be printed with the ID of the associated load carrier in accordance with Daimler specifications. SAP ERP and S/4HANA offer too little support here, as the package ID cannot be generated automatically and stored in the handling unit (HU). In addition, there are no functions for correctly labeling the Daimler RFID label, describing the RFID tag with this ID via coding, and printing the label.

WSW Solutions and Services

Regardless of whether you want to handle BMW deliveries in your SAP system or use your own system: WSW Software supports you with suitable solutions and years of expertise in OEM supply.


LOJISTIX is our solution for optimized JIS processes. The platform completely covers your processes and creates more efficiency and transparency.


SPEEDI offers SAP users numerous additional functions that can be integrated quickly and seamlessly into your SAP system. As an automotive supplier, you benefit from OEM solutions that support a wide range of requirements.


The processing between supplier and automotive manufacturer is also a challenge under SAP S/4HANA because important functions are missing. JUNIQ closes these gaps for you and supports your OEM processes with the latest SAP technology.

The JIS Competence Center

Our JIS Competence Center supports you in your JIS processes: Together with you, we design your personal JIS strategy, advise you on the selection of solutions, and support you in the long term with our industry and technology know-how.

Wolfgang Salinger

Director Business Unit SAP & Digital Supply Chain

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