M2M and MES

Key factors for Industry 4.0

The manufacturing industry can particularly profit from the potential offered by Industry 4.0 and an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with respect to process optimization and realization of new business models.

Smart Factory: Key factor for Industry 4.0

The Smart Factory is the key. Here, all systems, processes and data are interlinked consistently and control themselves. This is realized via machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and a modern, Industry 4.0-capable manufacturing execution system (MES).

Direct data exchange with M2M

M2M communication also enables direct data flow between an IT solution – ERP system or JIS and logistics platform – and the control and test systems at the shop floor and offers several advantages:

Production orders in the course of a sequential delivery schedule are entered in the machine control in the correct order via the M2M scenario. At the same time, actual data can be read out from the machine control and linked to the production number. This increases process transparency. You can track the status of every order seamlessly and promptly answer possible customer inquiries.

At the same time, data – e.g. regarding downtimes, setup, run, and rework times or yield and scrap quantities – from one control provides starting points for the optimization of deployment and utilization of systems and personnel in production and the reduction of order throughput times. These are business-critical factors for JIS production.


Are you considering preparing the ground to the Smart Factory with efficient, IoT-based M2M scenarios and/or the use of a modern, future-proof MES concept? We are looking forward to consulting you. Please feel free to call or e-mail us.

MES: Central building block for Industry 4.0

The next step towards the Smart Factory requires the introduction of a modern, integrated MES. It is considered the central building block for Industry 4.0 and enables horizontal networking of data and processes in production with simultaneous vertical integration in the information flow of an ERP system or a JIS and logistics platform.

The result is a fully digital process chain, which offers a real-time view onto production and is seamlessly linked to the planning and control processes. It forms the basis for innovations and new business models, such as lot-size-1 production (manufacturing of a product customized for a customer at the same costs as series production) or predictive maintenance.

M2M and MES competence from one source

Whether you would like to implement a M2M scenario or a MES concept: We here by WSW Software support you with our entire expertise. We develop M2M scenarios in the non-SAP environment using the JIS and logistics platform LOJISTIX® (previously: WSW JIT), which controls JIS processing as central clock in terms of Industry 4.0.

Our competencies plus the MES expertise of excellent partners are bundled in a JIS Competence Center. In the non-SAP environment, we fall back to MES, which can run in On-Premise or Cloud mode, and the services of SYMESTIC in connection with LOJISTIX. In the SAP environment, we use the solutions of the SAP Manufacturing Suite – SAP ME, SAP MII, SAP OEE Management, SAP PCo – and the MES know-how of SALT Solutions.