WSW Mitarbeiter sitzen vor einer Benutzeroberfläche mit verschiedenen KPIs.

Business Analytics

Managing business intelligently with up-to-date Key Performance Indicators

How does the current order backlog look like by group structure (customer hierarchy) or goods issuing date? Do forecast delivery schedules violate the tolerance limits drastically or do they decline slowly? How productive is production? What is the quantity reliability and on schedule performance of vendors?

Make quick and profound decisions, operate with flexibility

Using highly efficient Business Analytics (BA), you can ask these and many other questions quickly and comprehensively. You obtain the necessary overview of the current business situation, which enables you to make quick and sound decisions and to manage your company flexibly and intelligently.

In today’s dynamic business environment – keyword digital transformation –, where you must react flexibly to continuously new customer and market requirement, this is a competitive factor not to be underestimated.


Would you like to sustainably optimize your Business Analytics processes in the SAP environment and manage your business in a flexible, transparent, and anticipating manner? We look forward to advising you. Please feel free to call or e-mail us.

Real-time queries performed in great detail

Standardized and automated operative and strategic reporting with a great level of detail and based on standardized performance indicators (Key Performance Indicators [KPIs]) forms the basic prerequisite for effective Business Analytics. It is also important to have indicator reports available within a few seconds and to generate queries and analyses even with large data volumes – keyword Big Data – promptly, if possible in nearly real time. This is the only way to detect changes in the operational business early and to react without time delay.

Lightning-fast response times also save valuable working time so that the users have more time for their core tasks and their acceptance of Business Analytics increases. This is also supported by modern front-end tools that visualize the KPIs in a compact, clearly arranged and easily comprehensible manner in a dashboard or cockpit per the requirements of the end user – on a desktop PC or mobile on a smartphone or tablet.

Consider every aspect of Business Analytics (BA)

However, such a Business Analytics project should not be tackled without the support of a partner such as WSW Software, who enables the quick entry into the BA world with comprehensive know-how, competent consulting and ready-made KPI packages. With their consulting, process, and technology know-how, the WSW experts ensure that all relevant aspects are considered. In addition to organizational structures, processes, and responsibilities, this particularly includes data models, data extraction and data retraction, performance and content (which data must be provided to whom, where, how many times, in which semantics and on which front end?).

Getting started quickly in Business Analytics with ready-made KPI packages

It is also important that the partner implements a Business Analytics solution tailored to your individual needs, for example, as a medium-sized automotive supplier, machine builder, or pharmaceutical manufacturer, and that at manageable costs. In the SAP environment, we support you with all our experience and expertise as well as the Business Analytics Suite YODA®, which consists of ready-to-use modular and flexible KPI packages for sales, production, and purchasing.

The KPI packages can be used in the SAP ERP environment as well as under SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management, and in connection with an existing SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) – SAP BW on anyDB, powered by SAP HANA or SAP BW/4HANA – but also without BW. The KPI packages support modern front end tools, for example from the SAP-BusinessObjects solution portfolio or Qlik Software.