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Just-in-Sequence (JIS) Consultation

Concentrated expertise for your JIS success

For you, as a supplier, Just in Sequence (JIS) means not only having to adhere precisely to the customer's requirements in terms of quantity, time, place and sequence during delivery, but at the same time trying to increase your own profitability by optimizing your internal production sequences. You can create a viable basis for this with a future-oriented JIS concept in conjunction with a software solution that automatically processes and checks the release of components, including sequence information.

A future-proof JIS concept thanks to JIS expertise from WSW Software

During implementation of your JIS project as well as for all questions concerning the JIS manufacturing process, WSW supports you with combined consulting, process and technology expertise via our JIS Competence Center. Our experts help you to select and implement a suitable JIS solution by providing comprehensive consulting services and a structured project methodology.

You thus benefit from the best possible support, since the JIS Competence Center can provide all services from a single source: ITIL-compliant support services and individualized supervision — on request, 24 hours a day — as well as maintenance of the installed solution as part of our managed services.


Do you want to increase the efficiency of your JIS processing and implement a future-proof JIS concept? We look forward to advising you. Please feel free to call or e-mail us.

Selection and implementation of the appropriate JIS solution

The starting point is a strategy workshop, in which you work together with the WSW experts to formulate the requirements for your tailor-made JIS concept and design and analyze your future JIS processes. Subsequently, we create a detailed set of specifications in which your customers' JIS specifications are listed and evaluated. In this context, we also identify future requirements in terms of the stability and availability of the JIS software.

This gives you security when it comes to upcoming investments, and at the same time provides a solid foundation for selecting the JIS solution that meets best your needs: LOJISTIX®, SAP JIT or SPEEDI SAP JIS.

SPEEDI SAP JIS: The first choice in the SAP environment

For companies that use SAP software, SPEEDI is particularly well-suited to efficient JIS processing. This innovative and flexible SAP-based platform is seamlessly integrated into SAP ERP and extends the SAP standard without modification. The EDI processes of many manufacturers are stored on the platform as OEM solutions, and the necessary mappings are provided.

LOJISTIX®: Self-sufficient JIS system and fall-back solution

By contrast, wherever the JIS application is required to work autonomously, we recommend LOJISTIX. This high-performance, modular client-server application can be deployed locally at the plant and covers the entire logistic JIS process. It can also be easily integrated into a central ERP system. Furthermore, LOJISTIX supports the direct connection of production equipment and thus machine-to-machine communication (M2M). In addition, LOJISITX can also be used as a fall-back solution to ensure availability in the event of a failure of the central ERP system.

Achieving JIS success with methods

Thanks to WSW's structured approach, all kinds of new applications can be integrated later with strict adherence to the schedule and budget. Our experts also involve your professional users in the project right from the start, thereby removing further obstacles to the creation of smooth and efficient JIS processes.