SPEEDI Shipping Cockpit

Performing Picking to Invoicing Easily and Quickly


Suppliers in the automotive industry have to divide the same order volume into ever more variants due to the variety of models and a multitude of variants that are continually increasing. Each new item number increases the shipping volume and causes additional work for order picking and transport processing. To handle the additional work with the same personnel, efficient and transparent processes are an important prerequisite.


With the SPEEDI Shipping Cockpit, suppliers using SAP software can perform all work steps from picking to invoicing easily, quickly, and transparently. The solution package bundles the individual process steps, which in the SAP Standard are executed awkwardly and laboriously in transactions VT0*, VT04, VL06O, LT03, and VL02N, clearly on a single, user-friendly interface.

The user always has a clear view of the delivery status of the selected deliveries, as it is automatically updated at specific time intervals that can be individually configured. The deliveries, including the relevant information, can be displayed for picking or transportation planning.

The entire shipping stock can also be divided into individual worklists, which creates even more transparency and enables even more efficient working. For deliveries that are pending for picking or transportation processing, the worklist can be defined using a large number of selection criteria.

The EDI messages and labels relevant for a delivery, which can be generated (EDI) or reprinted (label) multiple times, can be created directly from the SPEEDI Shipping Cockpit. Jumping to different Standard SAP transactions - VT02, VL02N, or VF02 - is possible as well. Thanks to the intuitive operation of the solution package, new employees and inexperienced users can be trained quickly.


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