SPEEDI SD Scheduling Agreement Copier

IT-based execution of procedures when canceling or newly creating an SD scheduling agreement


Certain circumstances make it necessary to cancel and newly create an SD scheduling agreement: if the document flow interferes with the performance, if material production is relocated from one plant to another, if data in the existing scheduling agreement cannot be changed to avoid problems at the year change, or after an organizational restructuring at a customer. However, using the SAP standard functions, the associated tasks must be mainly handled manually. This is time-consuming and prone to errors.


With the SPEEDI SD Scheduling Agreement Copier, on the other hand, the processes for canceling or newly creating an SD scheduling agreement can be carried out IT-based and mostly automatically. The SPEEDI solution extends the SAP Standard without modifications. It simplifies and streamlines the process, while ensuring high process reliability and data quality, reducing manual copying and input to a minimum. The SPEEDI SD Scheduling Agreement Copier also improves performance in the SAP system by automatically determining whether a scheduling agreement has to be canceled and newly created based on a maximum size for the document flow.

For scheduling agreements that are to be copied or newly created, the SPEEDI solution offers numerous selection criteria, such as the sales organization, sales route, office, or document, but also according to the client, date of creation, material, or partner. The items and settings to be copied or moved into the new scheduling agreement - canceled scheduling agreement items, forecast, JIT, and planning delivery schedules, texts, existing SPEEDI configurations, HU references, JIS release orders or the SPEEDI start-up/circulation control - can be defined by mouse click.

The SPEEDI SD Scheduling Agreement Copier clearly lists all contents that must be copied from the old to the new SD scheduling agreement. It is signaled by traffic lights whether the processing was successful and if there is still a need for action. Since all errors are stored in a table, they can be processed purposefully. First, however, the SPEEDI solution re-executes a failed action. If this fails again, the action must be executed manually.

The SPEEDI SD Scheduling Agreement Copier copies all types of scheduling agreements: Scheduling agreements with releases, scheduling agreements with delivery orders, JIT scheduling agreements, and scheduling agreements with external service providers. Even the relocation of production to another plant can be reflected in the solution with little effort. To do this, specific fields such as plant or sales area data only must be filled with new values when creating the scheduling agreement. Using a copy template, variants with other materials can be created quickly and with little effort.


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