SPEEDI MM Scheduling Agreement Copier

Copying scheduling agreements automatically and creating them conveniently


New scheduling agreements are created in SAP MM if a large number of components must be delivered to a new customer, production is relocated, or the document flow is so large that it affects performance. In the SAP standard, new scheduling agreements must be created manually, which is time-consuming and carries the risk of incorrect entries.


With the SPEEDI MM Scheduling Agreement Copier, SAP scheduling agreements can be copied automatically quickly and easily, and new and lean scheduling agreements can be conveniently created and used as a copy template. The SPEEDI solution thus saves a tremendous amount of time when creating scheduling agreements. At the same time, the new and lean scheduling agreements improve the performance in the SAP system.

SAP scheduling agreements for which a copy is created are selected according to criteria such as supplier, purchasing organization, document, material, or merchandise category, and all data and settings are also copied or moved. These include release orders, JIT release orders, handling units, cumulative quantities, purchasing info records including source list entries, supplier addresses, account assignments, delivery and payment conditions, as well as the existing SPEEDI configuration and header and item texts. Traffic lights signal whether all processing steps were successful, with each error being logged in detail, which allows targeted and professional post-processing.

With the SPEEDI MM Scheduling Agreement Copier, all types of scheduling agreements can be copied: Scheduling agreements with releases, scheduling agreements with delivery orders, JIT scheduling agreements and scheduling agreements with external service providers. The tool also enables easy mass processing of scheduling agreements.


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