LOJISTIX Archiving

Legally Compliant Data Archiving


Companies that deliver to customers just in sequence need a JIS application that works at a high performance and resource-efficient level, even if several thousand vehicles are to be sequenced each day. Analyzes must also be fast and flexible, even if the JIS solution manages an enormous amount of data, and there are legal requirements for data retention.


With the LOJISTIX Archiving module, data can be archived easily, quickly, and legally compliantly. The JIS system remains lean and manageable, and high performance is always ensured. The data to be archived is moved within the LOJISTIX database into so-called archive tables. Alternatively, the data can be stored in a separate archive database, which can also be operated on a different database server if desired. Based on best practices, LOJISTIX automatically creates suggestions for archiving typical data tables that belong together from a technical point of view: for example, shipment structures, quality assurance data, and all print data.

The archiving schedules, including their own data models, can be easily created graphically by drag-and-drop. The archiving times, as well as the data retention times can be conveniently set by configuration. However, LOJISTIX archiving can archive not only the data within the JIS system - JIT orders, print, quality, container, and tracking data - but also the files stored in folders in the Windows file system, such as incoming EDI data from the OEMs. With appropriate write permissions or a server file share, this data can be flexibly moved from one folder to another or to a backup server, stored there in compressed format (ZIP archive), sorted by calendar week, and deleted after the specified retention period has expired.


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