JUNIQ and JUNIQ Print-Engine

Preconfigured end-to-end scenarios for OEM processes from the delivery schedule to the shipment message


The number of companies using SAP ERP or SAP Business Suite and that are planning to switch to SAP S/4HANA is steadily rising. However, the new ERP software suite from SAP also has process gaps in certain areas, such as with the EDI-supported logistics processing between supplier and automotive manufacturer (OEM processes). Creating and printing labels and other forms also leaves much to be desired when it comes to efficiency.


This is where the process-oriented solution JUNIQ combined with the component “JUNIQ Print Engine” from WSW Software helps, which are exclusively designed for operation with SAP S/4HANA.

The add-on JUNIQ, which has been created according to the principles of the new programming model for SAP and is based on the latest SAP technology (SAP Fiori, Core Data Services, ABAP Objects, Clean Code for ABAP), provides pre-configured end-to-end scenarios for OEM processes from the delivery schedule to the shipment message. In the end-to-end processes, the required printing programs for labels and for transport and accompanying documents are also integrated and the EDI mapping specifications are also provided. Every single end-to-end process is provided to the customer in the form of a template, which the customer can copy and easily adapt to its individual requirements or enhance with additional process modules.

The configuration of the OEM processes, but also all other processes in JUNIQ occurs in a special rule framework, which clearly displays all relevant information for a process, such as for the VW delivery schedule process. This includes the required key fields (client, customer material, material, sales organization, customer plant), process rules for sub-processes (e.g. delivery schedule according to VDA 4984, dispatch notification according to VDA 4987, label according to VDA 4994, shipping document according to VDA 4939), including description (e.g. adopt global address data from IDoc), as well as mail properties (sender, name, recipient, distribution list, subject). In the case of program interruptions, such as abort, logging, notification, error handling in JUNIQ occurs in a structured and simple way.

The “JUNIQ Print Engine” component perfectly supplements the JUNIQ add-on. It makes it easier to create labels and other forms (invoices, delivery notes, shipment documents) for OEM processes as well as for intralogistics and production and its management, which occurs centrally in a repository. The core component of the JUNIQ Print Engine is a catalog of pre-made labels of most automotive manufacturers (OEM) with all relevant information, which can be used in a plug-and-play fashion.

New types of labels can be quickly and easily designed using a special SAP Fiori app that WSW Software has developed, all without programming knowledge. The necessary data fields for this purpose are simply assigned to the label fields in the app. The result of this assignment can be shown and checked directly as a print preview. This app can also be used to create composite contents, for example for a barcode.

The OEM labels are created in Adobe Forms by default in the JUNIQ Print Engine. Alternatively, it is possible to use other print languages such as Zebra-ZPL, SAP-Smartforms or Printronix. Every label can be optionally printed directly from SAP S/4HANA, from SAP EWM or from SAP TM, since the printing process is independent of the data storage, which ensures maximum flexibility.


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