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Renault-Nissan is restructuring its transport processing and will in future send three EDI messages (DELJIT) to its suppliers. The first, containing information on the unloading and consumption point, the RAN numbers, but without the transport ID, is sent to the supplier at least three days before delivery. The second, containing only the RAN numbers, he receives two days before pickup at eight o'clock as a forecast for transport (OTMFORE). The third message, the fixed dispatch call-off (OTMFIRM), which contains the transport ID in addition to the RAN numbers, is sent by Renault-Nissan at 2 p.m. on the same day.

Changed transport processing at Renault-Nissan to be mapped in SAP with end-to-end IT support

With the new solution  SPEEDI Renault TMS, suppliers to Renault-Nissan who use SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA can now map this OEM's modified transport processing with end-to-end IT support in their SAP system. In the  SPEEDI-solution, the three DELJIT messages are mapped into delivery order messages (DELORD) and these DELORD messages are then incorporated into the IDoc basic type ORDERS05 in the SAP system. WSW Software provides the mapping specifications required to convert DELJIT messages into DELORD messages.

SPEEDI Renault TMS still generates the delivery order from the third DELJIT message. A special  SPEEDI-DELJIT function ensures that the data not contained in the first and third DELJIT messages, i.e. the transport ID and the unloading and consumption point, are first written into a  SPEEDI-table and then read into the IDoc basic type ORDERS05. For the first and the second DELJIT message a newly developed  SPEEDI-function automatically sets IDoc status 52 ("Application document posted incomplete"), which prevents processing.

SPEEDI Renault TMS complements and extends the already existing OEM-Solution SPEEDI Renault CINDI as an add-on.

Wolfgang Salinger

Director Business Unit SAP & Digital Supply Chain

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