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Whitepaper: Mapping New Processes in SAP GTS

What users need to be aware of

A new plant abroad, new legal regulations or the need to finally automate processes: Time and again, users of SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) are faced with the challenge of mapping changes in their GTS system as well as the connected upstream systems. What you should pay attention to varies greatly depending on the task area in which you have new requirements. This white paper summarizes what you should deal with and which questions you need to ask yourself in advance.

Cover page of the whitepaper: Mapping new processes in SAP GTS - What users need to bear in mind, illustrated on a tablet.

The essentials at a glance:

  • New requirements for preference processing
  • Implement compliance requirements securely during organizational changes
  • Making customs processing better through automation
  • Exploiting the full potential of SAP GTS

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