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Whitepaper: Controlling and Sales Analysis with SAP

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SAP ERP, S/4HANA as well as SAP Business Warehouse (BW) already include some standard evaluations and reports in their modules. However, not all questions can be answered with these. Things get complicated when you want to know more than the standard can provide - for example, when more in-depth analyses of orders on hand, delivery reliability, gross profit, days sales outstanding, or personnel development are required. In most cases, companies then resort to proprietary developments, individual BW enhancements, separately managed tables or a mixture of all of these. The disadvantages are obvious: the evaluations are time-consuming, error-prone and rarely up to date. In addition, individual developments are very costly and maintenance-intensive. This white paper introduces you to key figure evaluations that, based on lean SAP add-ons or individual settings, provide answers on a daily basis - in some cases in real time - at the push of a button and get more out of SAP.

Cover page of the whitepaper: Controlling and sales analysis with SAP: simply getting more out, mapped on a tablet.

The key components of the white paper:

  • Inventory reporting in retail with Purchasing (MM) and Sales and Distribution (SD)
  • Target/actual comparisons in assortment planning
  • Key figure OTIF (On Time In Full) & Order Backlog
  • Company-specific key figures in sales controlling
  • HR Reporting with SuccessFactors People Analytics

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