SPEEDI Label Engine CUSTOMER (Developm.)

Complete and Correct printing of Labels and Forms


The complete and correct creation of labels (material tags) and forms according to customer requirements and the output on printers is a critical factor for suppliers. In the SAP Standard, a separate data collection program and a separate print preparation with SAP Smart Forms must be created for each label and form. In addition, labels and forms are each assigned to a different message type.


The SPEEDI Label Engine enables fast assignment of labels to the respective ship-to parties via master data tables without Customizing. It has a central data collection program that pulls all the necessary information for all labels and forms from the corresponding SAP tables. This reduces the number of redundant program codes - in the SAP standard, redundancy is around 90 percent - to a minimum and simplifies their maintenance enormously. Since only a small number of SAP message types is required for label processing - often only one, this significantly increases the performance of SAP message determination.

The SPEEDI Label Engine already provides numerous standard labels and shipping forms for printing via SAP Smart Forms and partly via Adobe Print Forms on laser printers or Zebra printers. They can be easily and quickly adapted to the respective application by configuration. Existing Smart Forms can be reused. They can be modified using a unique SPEEDI technology to a new Smart Forms type.

The SPEEDI Label Engine runs under the SAP ERP Execution System (SAP LES) of SAP ERP, but it also exists as a stand-alone product for SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM).


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