Export control with plug-in

Real time check of all export processes


For companies delivering goods to different countries and wanting to be successful in foreign trade long-term, it is indispensable to reduce liability risks to a minimum. This means strict compliance to the relevant legal regulations for export control, for example the EU Dual-Use Regulation, German foreign trade law or the US Export Administration Regulations (US EAR). The basis for this is a precise check of all export processes and the associated supporting documents with regard to export restrictions and bans. This is only possible with end-to-end IT support.


Companies that use SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA can use the plug-in from a provider specializing in customs and foreign trade processes, which extends the SAP standard to include the required processes without modification. The plug-in, which can be customized to meet the company's own requirements, automatically checks the information from sales and purchasing documents, from deliveries and service orders to determine whether there are any export restrictions.

This check can be performed online and therefore in "real time", i.e. as soon as the SAP documents are entered and processed, or in the form of cyclical batch jobs at specific time intervals which can be configured individually. All document data relevant for export, i.e. item data but also header data, is checked. This includes information on export participants (consignor, buyer, consignee), the export control classification of the products as well as their quantities and prices.

In a report of results, the plug-in shows in detail for each individual item whether there are indications of a restriction or an export ban and whether export licenses need to be obtained or not. If this is the case, the responsible processor is automatically informed and, if necessary, the affected documents are blocked for further processing, either item by item or completely. Further processing is only possible after approval by a compliance or export control officer.

The plug-in is imported into SAP via a transport request. The customs and foreign trade experts at WSW Software support both the introduction and the use of the plug-in with their know-how and with comprehensive services: from process analysis and consulting on technical issues, to training of key users and users, to testing and support during go-live. If desired, WSW Software can also take over support for the plug-in after it has gone live.


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