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WSW Software GmbH, a solution provider for the digital supply chain, customs and foreign trade as well as business analytics, is launching an innovative Manufacturing Execution System (MES) called VALERIS®. This modern, intuitively operated MES, which can be freely configured without specialist IT knowledge due to the low-code approach, offers manufacturing companies a wide range of commercial benefits.

The MES enables target/actual comparisons of process parameters in real time as well as digital execution and confirmation of test instructions. This allows faulty products to be identified directly on the line. The interlocking function ensures automated intervention in case of anomalies – even extending to production locks if necessary. Early identification of faulty products and interlocking significantly increase safety in the production process.

In addition, VALERIS offers an optimal user experience (UX). Contemporary, intuitive interfaces clearly visualize all data and safely guide the user through all process or configuration steps with dialog-based support. Thanks to the low-code modeling approach, process and production parameters can be configured quickly and easily by the professional users themselves without additional IT know-how. They can then be compared with target values or historical data and linked to the process logic or reporting process. This frees up your in-house IT department to focus on its core tasks – and reduces the strain on your IT budget by eliminating the costs for external IT consultants. In the foreseeable future, users will also be able to create their own highly customized worker dialogs in VALERIS. A further advantage of this MES, which WSW Software is continuously developing, is the convenient management of users, roles and skill sets.



VALERIS also offers a powerful, freely configurable reporting tool to comprehensively evaluate actual process parameters from the shop floor and present them in individual dashboards or reports. Alarm functions immediately report deviations or malfunctions in machines or workstations, for example in industrial scales, allowing maintenance or servicing work to be initiated immediately in a targeted manner. This not only reduces errors, downtimes and reject quantities, but also eliminates expensive reworking and additional material and energy consumption, which has a positive effect on process and product quality while also promoting sustainable, resource-saving production – genuine added value.




What’s more: VALERIS can also be easily linked to the existing ERP system or a JIS and logistics platform, such as LOJISTIX from WSW Software. This vertical networking makes it possible to integrate current shop floor data into the data flow of these IT systems. This not only helps you to identify and exploit further optimization potential in production, but also lays the foundation for comprehensive digitization of industrial production within the context of Industry 4.0.

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