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At the PSA Group (Peugeot Citroen), requirements relating to logistics processes with suppliers are laid down in the "Manuel Logistique PSA (MLP)". With PSA Corail, the PSA Group uses a special variant of the EDIFACT message type DELJIT for delivery schedules. A special feature is also the "code routing number" for controlling pallets at the cross dock. The SAP standard does not map PSA's special process features.

Fully integrate and visualize the PSA Corail process in SAP

With the solution package  SPEEDI PSA Caldel, PSA suppliers using SAP software can seamlessly integrate and visualize information from the PSA delivery schedules, together with the code-routing additional data, into their SAP processes. This enables IT-supported and largely automated process handling in SAP ERP in accordance with the requirements of the PSA Group. This starts with the integration of information from forecast delivery schedules and JIT delivery schedules including pickup date, Corail order number and consumption point per schedule line into the SAP scheduling agreement and extends to the output of the shipping notification and the correct labeling of the labels and forms.

SPEEDI PSA Caldel also provides functions that determine and calculate cumulative quantities for PSA and maps PSA-specific business rules. This is, for example, the "code-route-pure" packaging of handling units (HU) according to which a pallet may only contain packages with identical code-route numbers.

The PSA-specific GALIA delivery bills and ETI 9 labels (labels) in the GALIA/ODETTE standard are included in this  SPEEDI-solution package is also stored. WSW Software also provides the necessary mappings and mapping specifications for the transformation of the data: from the PSA EDIFACT DELFOR 96A (delivery forecast) and the PSA EDIFACT DELJIT D98B (delivery schedule) into the IDoc DELFOR02 and vice versa from the IDocs SHPMNT05 and INVOIC02 into the PSA EDIFACT DESADV D96A (shipping notification) and the PSA EDIFACT INVOICE D96A (invoice/credit note).

Wolfgang Salinger

Director Business Unit SAP & Digital Supply Chain

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