Controlling Warehouse Processes Efficiently and Transparently

Whether you are a component supplier in the automotive or electronics industry or a part and component manufacturer: Highly efficient and flexible warehouse processes are a competitive factor in our digital business environment. For this purpose, SAP has developed several applications:

  • SAP MM-IM, an integral part of the SAP module for materials management (SAP MM), offers simple functions for inventory management on a quantity and value basis at the storage location level – keyword static warehousing – and supports planning and entry of goods movements as well as physical inventory.
  • SAP Warehouse Management (SAP LES/WM), an integral part of the Logistics Execution (SAP LE) SAP module, covers the processes from goods receipt, to stock placement and stock removal, picking and shipping completely, and enables chaotic warehouse management.
  • Multi-level warehouse processes can be mapped with SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM). The application also allows the determination of the optimum storage bin, supports all warehouse types, and integrates stacker control systems, handling unit management (HUM), and material flow control (MFS).

Optimum Supply Strategy Support

Whether SAP WM or SAP EWM, the SAP warehouse software should optimally support your supply strategy – whether per forecast delivery schedule, Just in Time (JIT) or Just in Sequence (JIS) – and seamlessly integrate into your value chain.

However, the SAP Standard often covers special process requirements in the warehouse incompletely only, for example, with respect to container generation in the course of JIS processing, the creation of shipping documents, shipping labels and forms, or the determination of the correct net weight of the goods for customs.


Would you like to optimize your processes in the warehouse and thus, derive the greatest possible benefits, regardless of whether you use SAP WM, SAP EWM or the JIS application LOJISTIX? We look forward to advising you. Please feel free to call or e-mail us.

Closing Gaps in SAP Warehouse Software

To allow the execution of these processes in an IT-supported and automated manner directly in the respectively used SAP warehouse software – SAP WM or SAP EWM – WSW Software offers special solutions and functions via our platform SPEEDI:

Using these tools, which can be integrated seamlessly into your SAP application and extend it without modifications, you can make your warehouse-related sequences significantly more efficient and transparent. In connection with SAP EWM, SPEEDI ensures smooth communication with your SAP ERP system. For example, the add-on provides the additional information for the delivery note data from ERP on creation of a delivery in the EWM.

Warehouse Structure Know-how

When setting up the warehouse structure and optimizing your supply strategy in the SAP environment, we here at WSW Software advise and support you with our many years of experience. In the area of SAP EWM, we supplement our in-house know-how with the help of SALT AG, our parent company.

Powerful Duo: LOJISTIX and LogBase

If you decide on using LOJISTIX as central driver for your JIS processing, you can use a comprehensive JIS and logistics platform with efficient and flexible processes in the warehouse via link with the LogBase warehouse management system provided by SALT. Our experts are ready to support you with their concentrated know-how.