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Shipping Processes

SAP-integrated shipping processing with high efficiency and transparency

As component supplier, your competitiveness depends on your ability to exactly comply with complex customer requirements and specifications during shipping processing, even if the volume increases steadily due to increasing model and variant richness.

Three criteria for optimized shipping processing

To ensure long-term success in the market, your shipping processing must be optimized and flexible. Requirements are

  • high data quality to ensure that shipping messages, documents, and labels contain exactly the information required by the ship-to party – without errors and in the requested form.
  • simple, comfortable, mostly automated and reliable processing, which reduces error-prone manual interventions during data entry to a minimum.
  • quick and uncomplicated adjustment – keywords Customizing and message determination – of forms and labels in the SAP system per the requirements of the respective customer as well as their output on printers.


Would you like to increase the efficiency and flexibility of your SAP-based shipping processing, streamline and accelerate the processes noticeably, and improve data quality? We look forward to advising you. Please feel free to call or e-mail us.

Where the SAP standard reaches its limits

The standard functions of SAP ERP reach their limits here. They do not or only insufficiently support the processes required by the customers, so that some data must be entered by hand and processes handled (or revised) manually. For example, this applies for the integration of additional information transmitted by the manufacturers with purchase orders via a Manifest Number or Release Authorization Number (RAN).

Transport processing is also cumbersome in SAP Standard, not to mention that net weights, for example, are not calculated correctly for the delivery. The creation of labels, forms, CMR bills of lading, or, for deliveries into the US, the “Master Bill of Lading” is complicated as well. This is also true with respect to data maintenance.

SPEEDI closes gaps in shipping processing

To close these gaps in SAP-based shipping processing, WSW Software offers functions and solutions via our SPEEDI platform, which can be seamlessly integrated into SAP ERP and extend the standard without modifications:

  • Special SPEEDI modules monitor and check the shipping processes. They determine customer- and process-specific additional information for outbound messages, supplement the required data automatically and/or support the user in entering and maintaining this information.
  • The SPEEDI Shipping Cockpit bundles the process steps during picking and transport processing, which are executed in SAP transactions VT0*, VT04, VL06O, LT03, and VL02N, clearly on a single, user-friendly interface.
  • The SPEEDI Label Engine enables fast assignment of labels to the respective ship-to parties via master data tables and without Customizing. A few SAP message types only are required for label processing. One type is often enough, which increases message determination performance significantly. It also provides numerous ready-made labels for print output via SAP Smart Forms and partly via Adobe Print forms on laser printers as well as on Zebra printers. The SPEEDI Label Engine is also available as stand-alone product for SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM).

With the modules and solutions from the SPEEDI platform you can establish effective, tight and flexible shipping processes, permanently improve the quality of your data thanks to complete and error-free information and achieve sustainable business Benefits.