Zwei Mitarbeiter mit Smarties, die nach Farben sortiert wurden um Sequenzierung zu erklären.


Supreme discipline: Just-in-Sequence Processing (JIS)

As a supplier or logistics service provider, you are no doubt aware that the smooth operation of manufacturers' and system suppliers' businesses via Just in Sequence (JIS) processes depends to a large extent on your delivery performance. There are often only a few hours, and sometimes less than 30 minutes, between the customer's EDI-supported JIS release order and the sequence-compliant part delivery to the line.

Fast and smooth JIS processing

Fast, precise and smooth JIS processing is thus a competitive factor that must be evaluated in detail from the outset. The sequence in which the ordered components are produced, picked, filled into containers and loaded onto trucks is determined according to the customer's sequence specifications. In addition, it is frequently necessary to take into account sequence changes on the part of the customer or to introduce special production processes into a running production sequence. A high degree of flexibility is therefore a critical success factor.


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Mapping JIS features based on practical requirements

For suppliers in the automotive sector, it is imperative to master production-specific processes and special methods and map them in a practical way: whether this be AUDI's “Perlenkette” (pearl chain), the BMW SPAB process including tacho control, Volkswagen's new (NLK) logistics concept or Volvo's variant illustration process via VCCBOM.

Often, different plants belonging to the same manufacturer also have quite different requirements in terms of JIS processing. And for international suppliers, electronic communication with foreign customers must often take place in special EDI formats, for example in the USA via the ANSI X12 standard and in Brazil via ANFAVEA-RND message.

Mastering increasing JIS complexity efficiently

As if this were not enough, the complexity of the sequencing processes is constantly increasing due to new product variants. "Just in Sequence" is therefore rightly regarded as a “supreme activity” in manufacturing and logistics. In order to meet these challenges in the long term and with the greatest possible effectiveness, you need a future-proof JIS concept and a JIS solution that is tailored to your needs.

And because JIS projects are extremely complex, it is advisable to include an expert partner, such as WSW Software. We support you by providing cumulative JIS know-how with regard to design, solution selection and implementation, as well as ongoing support with 24/7 consulting, programming and support.