Maschine in der Produktion.


Production Sequences with High Efficiency, Flexibility, and Transparency

For automotive suppliers as well as parts and component manufacturers, which deliver to their customers based on forecast delivery schedules or JIS (Just in Sequence) processes, integrated and thus efficient processes affect the competitive position just the same in production as in logistics.

No Practical Mapping in SAP Standard

Decisive for problem-free production planning and control (PP) and material requirements planning (MRP) in production are, among others: sales and revenue forecasts for planned material, inspection and monitoring of purchase quantities, BDE or backflush feedback for produced parts including consumed material, but also replenishment control per KANBAN or using other material control systems.

However, the standard functions of SAP ERP do not always map these special sequences practically. To compensate for these deficits, the SAP Standard is adjusted using in-house programming or hard-coded, non-configurable extensions. Efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency suffer from this. The same is true, if these processes are shifted into non-SAP applications.


Would you like to increase the efficiency and transparency of your production processes with the help of an integrated, future-oriented, complete IT solution? We look forward to advising you. Please feel free to call or e-mail us.

With Add-ons and MES to Industry 4.0

This situation can be remedied using SAP-based add-ons, which seamlessly integrate in SAP ERP, can be released, and extend the SAP Standard by the required functions without modifications, as well as using JIS applications such as LOJISTIX®. Using such add-ons resp. such a JIS application, detailed planning in production and JIS production can be optimized and a pull-controlled production in line with Lean principles realized.

If the ERP processes as well as the sequences and data in production are additionally digitally networked and synchronized with a Shop Floor solution and/or Manufacturing Execution System (MES), transparency increases noticeably, and you can increase the productivity of your company sustainably. At the same time, you accomplish an important step in the direction of Industry 4.0.

Concentrated Know-how for Production, MES and More

The challenge is to link the individual applications intelligently into a future-oriented, powerful integrated solution such that you can derive tangible business benefits.

Here, an experienced partner such as WSW Software is required, who offers competent consulting in the conceptual design, software selection, and implementation as well as first-class support – around the clock if needed. We here at WSW Software, complement our skills in the areas of production, MES, JIS, as well as warehouse management with the skills of SALT AG.

Scenarios for SAP ERP and LOJISTIX

With this concentrated know-how, we support the development of your integrated solution, whether you use SAP or non-SAP software:

  • Does your company run SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA? In this case, the SPEEDI solutions for sales and revenue forecasts, monitoring of minimum and maximum purchased quantities, as well as the functions and add-ons provided by SALT extend the SAP Standard in the PP and MRP areas. Together with the solutions from the SAP Manufacturing Suite, an integrated platform is created, using which you can control the production-relevant processes at all levels efficiently and transparently.
  • If LOJISTIX is used, whether in connection with SAP software or as stand-alone solution, you can digitize JIS processes step by step. Our JIS application supports M2M communication and thus, direct data exchange with your production systems, as well as all logistics processes relevant for JIS processing. The MES solution VALERIS is ideal for mapping complex production processes in Shop Floor. In warehouse management, you can benefit from the advantages of the comprehensive warehouse management system (WMS) LogBase offered by SALT.